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Lauren Krause
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If you want to progress in an administrative or clerical career, it is essential you continue learning and developing your skills. Gaining extra qualifications and certifications is an important part of career growth for administrative assistants, secretaries and clerical workers.

If you work in an administrative or clerical role, it can be easy to become stuck in a rut. You are probably so busy taking care of your everyday responsibilities that you don't have time to think about the future and the career growth you would like to achieve. If this situation sounds familiar, then it's time for you to step back and make a five-year plan that details how you would like to grow during that time, both in your career and in your personal life.

Once you've set some goals, it's time to start the process of learning what will allow you to achieve them. For example, if your goal is to take on a particular project at work, then you might need to learn to use a particular type of software in order to complete it successfully. An example of a bigger goal would be deciding you want to change career, which could require earning a professional certification or other qualification.

For admin assistants, certification can be crucial for career development. Becoming a certified administrative professional opens up many new opportunities and could improve your chance of success when applying for a promotion or a job in another organization. In order to become certified, admin assistants must complete the CAP exam, which is offered by the International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP).

For those admin assistants who are already certified, there are still plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. You could choose to specialize in a particular skillset, such as information technology, in which case you can demonstrate your abilities by taking the Technology Applications professional certification, which is also offered by the IAAP.

Most secretaries and admin assistants advance in their careers to become senior administrators or executive secretaries. However, there are other career paths that can follow from an administrative or clerical job. For example, legal secretaries often become paralegals or legal assistants. Pursuing this kind of legal career requires additional qualifications, which can demand a lot of study. You need to be self-motivated and determined if you are going to achieve this goal.

Learning allows you to grow as a person and opens up new career opportunities. If you feel stuck in a rut in your administrative or clerical role, consider gaining a new skill or qualification to help you progress. There are many professional certifications available to ambitious admin assistants who are hungry for career advancement and ready to do the required work.


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