Keeping Your Employees With These 10 Simple Ways

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The strong job market of 2018 makes it more important than ever to retain good workers, and the easiest way to reduce employee turnover is by concentrating on boosting worker happiness. In addition to being less likely to leave, happy employees are more productive and contribute to a positive work atmosphere. Improve your worker retention with these 10 simple methods.

1. Open Communication

Increase worker happiness by improving the transparency of your company. Keeping everyone up-to-date on the status of your organization helps encourage a team atmosphere. Make sure all employees see where they fit into the big picture.

2. Praise

Praising a job well done is an easy way to grow happy employees. This can be a quick thumbs up for handling a customer complaint well or a mention of a successful assignment in the employee newsletter. Regular praise also encourages everyone to do their best work.

3. Quality Management

Employees list bad bosses as one of the top reasons for quitting a job. On the other hand, great managers motivate their employees to new levels of productivity and creativity while boosting loyalty. Train your managers well to improve worker retention in every department.

4. Solid Training Programs

Competent employees are more likely to be happy employees. Make sure that every new hire has adequate training, and ongoing training is available to keep competency levels high.

5. Worthwhile Work

Create happy employees by giving your workers a chance to do assignments that match their passions. Assign creative tasks to workers who enjoy their artistic side. Give extra responsibility to those who crave it. Let your more social employees work in teams.

6. Flexible Policies

Great companies know when to be flexible with their workplace policies. Make sure your policies are serving your company and your workforce. Is it possible for an employee to work temporarily from home if a need arises? Are you willing to adjust work schedules to meet employees' needs?

7. Professional Growth

Give your workers opportunities to learn and grow on the job. Provide access to online courses, training seminars and professional conferences, or opt to reimburse tuition for job-related college courses. Help motivated employees seek out promotion opportunities for career growth.

8. Clear Expectations

Help ensure employee success by letting your employees know exactly what you expect from them. Never wait for a performance review to let a worker know there is a problem. Managers need to be working alongside their teams providing regular feedback.

9. Opportunities for Individuality

From the clothes they wear to controlling the details of their day-to-day schedules, employees want to feel they are able to express themselves at work. Be careful not to micromanage your workforce.

10. Culture of Mutual Respect

Happy employees feel respected at work. Don't raise your voice and avoid making erratic decisions. Regularly welcome employee input and expect co-workers to respect each other.

A survey found that less than half of employees feel strongly about being happy at work, but a higher percentage felt optimistic about their happiness at work in the future. Don't give up on improving your employees' happiness. Take small steps to build happy employees who are loyal to your organization.

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