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Is your career changing? If you are like the majority of people in the workforce today, the answer is probably yes. Companies thrive on change, and most change very quickly. But how are you handling your change? Are you going with it, or hoping that you can ride it out? Or, are you wishing that your change would just go away so you don't have to think about it anymore. Change is not easy for most people. But change is inevitable. Maybe it's a new boss that you weren't expecting. Or, a new job or career. Maybe your industry is going away or your company is closing. Maybe your skills are not needed anymore. If you can learn to love change and accept it, you won't be afraid of it anymore. What you don't resist cannot persist. Expect change to affect you. Expect it to alter the way you see yourself and your career. Whatever the change, you have a decision to make. Hate it and be miserable, or love it so you can tackle it head on and use it to your advantage. So How Can You Learn To Love Change? Follow These 3 Steps Below: 1. Ask Yourself What You Are "Really" Afraid Of Fear plays a big part in change management. If you believe you cannot handle your change, change will be more difficult for you. If you believe you can handle whatever comes your way, change will be easier for you and more fun. It's important that you identify what part of a change scares you. Maybe you are not afraid of what will happen, but are afraid of the journey. Maybe you are looking forward to the journey, but are afraid you won't get to your destination. If you can see your fear as a part of the bigger picture, rather than the whole picture, you can address the piece that scares you the most. Dealing with something smaller is easier than dealing with something that is bigger. Understand where the fear is specifically so you can zero in on what needs to be addressed first. 2. Understand That You Will Always Be Changing Change is a part of life and is a good part. New relationships, new jobs, new cities, new friends. All good aspects of life. They say "when one door closes, another one opens" for a reason. Doors close because they are supposed to close. And new doors cannot open until you shut the one behind you. Not all change is bad. It's how we grow and become better people. Without change, you may feel more secure, but your career would be boring and that would be worse and more unfulfilling than the change itself. 3. Make Change Your Friend If you are in the midst of a change, take a step back and look at it objectively. Was this a sudden change or one you knew you should be making for a long time? If you weren't resisting your change, what would be possible and what would you be doing differently? For one, you would be moving through your change quicker and enjoying it more. Change happens for a reason. Make change your friend rather than your enemy and change will be easier and more rewarding.

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  • Lawrence Monroe
    Lawrence Monroe
    It is not change that is the problem it is the coworkers who don't want to change and try to force you not to change with them.

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