Lessons Learned from Customer Service

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How can sales teams more effectively engage with clients in order to maximize sales? The answer could involve learning lessons from customer service representatives. By improving relationships with clients, sales reps can build lasting partnerships that benefit the company.

Like employees working in customer service, sales representatives should make solving customers' problems their number one priority. The job of a sales rep is to listen to the customer's needs, and suggest a product or service that solves the particular problem the customer is having. Instead of pushing a particular product, sales teams need to take on a problem-solving mindset that helps them find exactly the right solution for each client.

While sales teams should avoid launching into a sales pitch when faced with a client, it is important to educate the customer about the products and services the company offers. Again, the key is to listen carefully to the customer to identify which features she is likely to find most interesting. Both customer service and sales teams can offer value to customers by providing information that improves the customer's experience of the company's products or services.

Both customer service and sales teams use scripts to guide their interactions with customers. The key to using a script effectively is to realize that it is merely a guide to conversations with customers. If the customer wants to steer the conversation in a different direction, the salesperson needs to be able to go along with that, giving answers to the questions the customer poses and offering solutions to the customer's particular problems. In addition, both customer service reps and sales teams should avoid reading initial customer greetings word for word from a script. Making the effort to sound natural can help a sales representative to engage with the customer.

The best salespeople are not just interested in landing the first sale; they also build strong relationships with customers to bring in repeat purchases and to build customer loyalty. In order to retain customers over the long term, sales teams need to respond to customers' feedback in a meaningful way. Just as customer service teams pass on customers' feedback to product development departments, sales teams should do the same. During the sales process, customers often communicate their ideas and desires to the salespeople they deal with, which can be very valuable. It is important to pay attention to these ideas and report them to the product team to help it build a better product.

A closer relationship between sales teams and customer service departments can be beneficial to both parties. Sales representatives have much to learn from the core principles of customer service, including engaging with the customer, taking feedback on board, and solving problems for the customer.


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