Macy's Makes Changes Geared Towards the Younger Shoppers

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Macy's 2015 opening of One Below, a youth-oriented shopping experience in the New York City flagship location's basement area, is part of the retailers dedicated efforts to expand its customer base to include more millennials. Targeting younger shoppers between the ages of 13 and 22, Macy's plans on using the area to test-drive methods to increase sales to millennials. Keep a watch on these focus areas for expanding retail sales to a younger customer base.

Set the Tone

One Below shows careful attention to the shopping environment. Electronic music tracks aimed to draw in younger shoppers bring a club feel to the house. Mirrors visually expand the space, and plenty of sparkle lends a vibrant and cohesive look to it. The overall vibe is one of an upscale party or a popular club. Young shoppers like to be entertained, and the graphically rich decor at One Below pulls millennials in and keep them looking.

Provide Services

From blow dry and brow bars to teen-friendly skin care counters, One Below provides services to extend the shopping experience. Targeted services give younger shoppers something to do besides simply browsing through racks of clothes.

Cater to Events

One Below's retail sales focus has departments, displays and products that target the events in a teen's life. Younger shoppers enjoy access to a display featuring trendy homecoming options. A bag section with a book bag area, everyday bags and formal bags in an easy-to-find array provides a convenient shopping experience without the need to wade through business selections or matronly handbags.

Trendy Fashions

One Below aims its fashion selections at younger shoppers by choosing designers with trendy youth lines and often focusing on less expensive selections to make it easier for teens to say yes to a purchase. With the Statistic Brain Research Institute reporting that the majority of teens would rather buy jeans or shoes than concert tickets or MP3s, displaying reasonably priced fashions in an entertaining environment is a great way to keep teens shopping.

Focus on Technology

In addition to selling the latest technology, Macy's incorporates a technology connection throughout One Below. A charging station provides comfortable seating and plenty of ports to keep shopper's smartphones powered up. Customization stations allow shoppers to tattoo jeans with customized embroidery or build custom accessories with a 3-D printer. A selfie wall encourages shoppers to take and post selfies with a variety of backgrounds featuring iconic Macy's events and New York City landmarks.

As Macy's spreads its most successful marketing ideas to its more than 800 retail locations, expect other retailers to follow suit. Growing your customer base to include younger shoppers sets up the potential to build brand loyalty to create a continual growth model for more future sales. Keep an eye on One Below for more ideas on how to target the millennial market.

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