Nailing a Last Minute Interview is Possible

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What happens when a prospective employer calls you and wants to interview you with just one hour's notice? Even more stressful, you still work at your current job. If you have a last-minute interview that you need to prepare for, take into account these five steps for success. You have a limited amount of time to research the firm, so narrow down your choices to the bare essentials.

1. Latest News

Research the firm's social media profiles ahead of your last-minute interview to find recent news about the company. Fortunately, you can do this on your smartphone as you head out the door from work. Look for information on any big events, such as landing a huge client, striking up a new partnership or securing another round of funding. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are good places to check.

2. Your Interviewers

Hopefully, when you responded to the phone call or email about your last-minute interview, you received information about the interviewers. Head to LinkedIn and the company's About Us page on the website to find your interviewer's names and background information. This gives you a quick way to put names to faces.

3. Products and Services

Research what the company sells, and become familiar with the products. The firm may be a startup with one dedicated product or service, or it could be a 40-year-old company with 20 separate product lines. Get a general idea of as many products and services as possible before your last-minute interview.

4. Dress Code

As you drive home, look up the company's dress code. It's always a good idea to dress in business formal attire for an interview, but seeing the dress code gives you a rough idea of the company's culture. If you don't have time to change out of your current work clothes, do your very best to make yourself as presentable as possible.

5. What You Offer

Keep in mind your highest-level attributes, soft skills and qualifications as you prepare for your last-minute interview. Think of achievement stories when you solved a problem for your previous employer or helped increase your previous company's sales. Make sure these stories relate to the job at hand, as this helps you demonstrate your value to your future employer.

Keep one final thing in mind. If you were called for an interview, the company must value what you can possibly bring to the table. The employer should know that contacting you spontaneously isn't ideal, so he might not count you out if you're slightly unprepared. Be as honest as possible throughout the interview, and apologize if your attire is a bit too casual or if you don't have all of your employment documents.

A last-minute interview doesn't have to be a waste of time. You have a smartphone with an internet connection, so use it wisely by following these five steps when preparing for the meeting.

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