Never Say These 7 Things in an Interview

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A job interview is your chance to shine, show your enthusiasm for the position, demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and convince the recruiting manager that you'd be a great fit for the company. If you say the wrong thing, however, you could completely eliminate your chances of getting the job. Never say the following seven things during a job interview.

1. "My Weakness Is That I Work Too Hard"

A common job interview question asks candidates about their greatest weakness. Never say that you have no weaknesses, and don't answer with a cliché response that's a positive attribute described as a weakness. Instead, acknowledge a weakness that you have and explain how you're working to improve yourself.

2. "My Last Boss Was a Jerk"

Even if the interviewer asks why you left your previous employer, don't say anything negative about former bosses or co-workers. This does not bode well for your reputation, and it makes you seem like a complainer. The hiring manager may question your ability to fit in at his organization.

3. "Can You Tell Me About Your Company?"

Don't ask the hiring manager to tell you about the organization's mission, products or services. This shows that you are unprepared for the job interview. Take the time to research the company before interview day so you're able to tailor your responses to the organization's needs.

4. "I Really Need This Job"

Saying this in a job interview makes you appear desperate. Keep a professional attitude throughout you interview, and don't beg for the job. Let your unique skills and enthusiastic attitude to speak for you.

5. "How Much Does the Job Pay?"

Don't jump right into discussions about salary or benefits during a first job interview. This leads the hiring manager to think that you're only interested in the money. The best time to bring up salary and related negotiations is when you're offered the position.

6. "I'm the Best Candidate for This Position"

Every candidate that goes to a job interview thinks they're the best person for the job. It's important to be confident as you sell yourself, but you don't want to come across as being arrogant.

7. "I Don't Have Any Questions"

When you're given the opportunity to ask questions of the hiring manager and other interview panelists, don't waste the chance. Not asking questions shows that you're not really too interested in the position. Prepare a few thoughtful questions to show that you're engaged in the conversation and interested in the company.

When preparing for a job interview, you may practice common questions and perfect your responses. Aside from knowing all the right things to say, it's also important that you consider what not to say. Start with these seven things to ensure you don't blow the interview.

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