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If you're nervous about an upcoming job interview, spend time during your job search preparing so you can put your best foot forward. Make a solid first impression and experience interview success with this no-fail guide.

Research the Employer

Show that you are not only knowledgeable about the industry but also the company when attending a job interview. Conduct an online search to learn about the firm's mission and goals and familiarize yourself with the products and services provided by the company so you can reference these details when meeting with a hiring manager. Take your search one step further by researching the individuals you are scheduled to meet with on your interview day. Information from a LinkedIn profile or social media account can provide information about the firm and the hiring manager and helps prepare you for the meeting.

Work With a Mentor

Tap into your professional network, and seek out a mentor to help you prepare for the job interview. Individuals who are prominent within your industry are more likely to know what the employer is looking for in a candidate, and they can also provide background information about the firm. Members of your professional network can also help you to prepare your responses to interview questions and come up with questions to ask the employer.

Practice Interview Questions

Spend time during your job search researching common interview questions so you aren't thrown off guard during the job interview. Rehearse your responses so they appear to be natural, and brainstorm ways you can answer interview questions while focusing on your skills and experience. Avoid providing personal information when responding to questions, and practice a transition that leads back to your professional work versus your personal interests.

Pay Close Attention to Body Language

Although it is likely that you will be nervous during a job interview, in order to experience interview success, it's crucial to find ways to calm your nerves. While practicing interview questions, look directly into a mirror to identify any mannerisms or body language that is distracting. Avoid fidgeting, and pay close attention to how many times you use verbal fillers such as 'um' or 'ok.' Reduce the risk of distracting the interviewer by keeping your appearance simple for the meeting. Scarves, dangly jewelry or bright hair accessories can often detract the interviewer, causing him to focus less on the information you are providing.

You only have one chance to impress employers, so it is crucial to showcase your professionalism. Focus primarily on your experience and your skills relevant to the industry when answering interview questions, and do your best to relax during the job interview. Smile often, and highlight your cheery disposition so hiring managers can see that you are willing to be an active part of the team.

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    David B.

    Baby Boomer, at the age of 59 its been reel hard in finding a job, I'll stay positive, experience, knowledge, and ability, ......

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