Remember That Salary is Not the Only Benefit Up for Negotiating

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It's common for hiring managers to discuss salary at the end of a job interview. If you plan to accept the position, keep in mind that your salary isn't the only benefit that's up for negotiation. Here are five additional negotiable benefits that could make your job offer a bit sweeter.

1. Sign-On Bonus

If there's a high demand for your services, a sign-on bonus is a benefit that's definitely up for negotiation. Research the typical sign-on bonus amount for your position, and aim slightly higher. Go a step further by justifying the need for a sign-on bonus. For example, if accepting the position requires you to move across the country and the company doesn't offer a relocation package, a sign-on bonus can help with moving expenses.

2. Work Schedule

Thanks to technology, it's become easier than ever to work remotely. Use this to your advantage by requesting a flexible work schedule. Ask if it's okay to work from home at least one day per week, or request to be on call certain days each month. Also, find out if it's okay to leave early on slow days. Come up with a system for documenting the work you complete while away from the office, and share this system with your employers.

3. Technology Needs

It's the employer's responsibility to make sure workers have everything they need to perform their jobs, but they sometimes fall short. Technology needs are up for negotiation, so let the employer know which technology you require to perform at the highest level. For instance, if you need a specific type of computer system or access to specific computer programs, inform the hiring manager. You can also request a company smartphone or tablet. Subscription services are also up for negotiation, so let your employer know if you require a subscription to Adobe, eFax or other business-related services.

4. Vacation Time

Vacation time is also up for negotiation, so let your employer know if you want an extra week off each year of if you're willing to give up your Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in exchange for a full week off in January. If you're not a holiday person, find out if you can work from home on all major holidays in exchange for a slight pay increase. Make sure your vacation request is reasonable and doesn't keep you away from the office for too long.

5. Health and Wellness

Gym memberships, discount prescription plans and mental health support are also up for negotiation. Many employers understand the importance of good physical and mental health, and are willing to provide these benefits. If you're currently in therapy for a mental health issue, such as PTSD, depression or anxiety, consider letting the employer know that mental health is important to you and you'd appreciate benefits that support it.

During a negotiation meeting, don't let your salary be the only topic of discussion. These five potential benefits are also up for negotiation. You might not get every benefit you desire, but that shouldn't stop you from inquiring. What other benefits do you think are worth negotiating?

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