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Using the right sales tactics on the right prospects is the key to making more money in the sales industry. Many sales professionals follow traditional sales tips when crafting their presentations, but it turns out using humor in your pitches may help you make more sales. Humor helps you eliminate tension and build bonds with your prospects, making it easier to persuade people to take action. If you're tired of using the same old sales tactics, add a little humor to every interaction. Making customers laugh can make them more likely to buy from you.

Using humor in your sales pitches has several key benefits. Many traditional sales tactics lead to boring sales presentations that amount to nothing more than recitations of facts about products. Humor makes it easier for people to remember your sales pitches. If you're pitching a technical product, using humor will keep your audience from getting bored. The more audience members pay attention to your pitch, the better your odds of making a sale.

Humorous sales pitches help you look more confident in front of prospects. Telling jokes during an important presentation requires a great deal of self-assurance, so doing so helps you present yourself as confident and approachable. In turn, this leads customers to feel secure in trusting your judgment, making your other sales tactics and approaches more likely to be met with success.

If you're going to use humor in your presentations, you must do it the right way. To avoid offending customers, steer clear of controversial topics and use neutral language. Never make a joke at a customer's expense, or you risk losing out on a sale. Although humor is a great sales tool, it shouldn't be the focus of your pitch. Telling too many jokes distracts customers and makes it difficult to get the conversation back on track. The Barbauld Agency recently won a Marcom award for using a blend of humor and sales offers in its social media campaign for a tire company. The campaign increased the tire company's number of Facebook fans by 500 percent. If you're willing to use new sales tactics, you can produce similar results.

Following traditional sales tips will give you a good start, but using new tactics is the best way to grow your career and earn more commissions. Perk up a tired audience by telling a joke during a presentation, or show off your confidence by injecting humor into a sales pitch for a potentially dry topic. Remember to use humor appropriately and avoid jokes involving foul language or suggestive situations. Experimenting with new sales tactics helps you make more sales and improve your chances of advancing into management.



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