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As the holiday season draws nearer, many customers are turning to mobile shopping apps to help them find the best sales and deals. A new app called Retale displays local deals to users, offering benefits to both shoppers and retailers. Understand how Retale works and use it to your advantage.

Retale, like many other mobile shopping apps, helps customers find the best deals on needed items. When a user signs up for a Retale account, the app automatically gathers the most recent sales ads for local retail outlets and displays them on the mobile device, so customers don't have to bother with newspapers or fliers—instead, they can scroll through the ads to find the store they want.

Currently, Retale boasts partnerships with a number of recognizable retail chains, including Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, and Macy's. Each company allows the app to publish its retail flyers, giving customers the chance to check out sales and promotions. Convenience is the major advantage of Retale—instead of hunting through multiple sales circulars or websites, users can flip through a single app. Each retailer has its own page on Retale, making it easier for customers to find the information they need.

According to Retale, partner companies gain increased exposure. Originally launched in Germany in 2008, the app has published over one billion digital circular pages. Though it is new to the United States, the company plans to grow the domestic user base to 12 million users over the next three or four years. For businesses that sign up, Retale offers an unprecedented way to reach millions of shoppers, making it a valuable marketing tool.

When it comes to mobile shopping apps, Retale offers a major benefit to partner companies: data collection. It gathers information about each user, tracks behavior, and creates interest-based ads to increase engagement. For companies, this new technology makes it easier to display ads to people who have demonstrated an interest in a particular product or service.

For retail professionals, mobile shopping apps like Retale are impossible to ignore. According to a recent story in the Mail Tribune, stores without a mobile presence can lose out on a significant amount of profit, particularly around the holidays. Although mobile shopping apps are no longer considered new technology, many stores have not adopted them. For smaller businesses that lack the budget to invest in a proprietary shopping app, a partnership with an app like Retale can be a cost-effective way to boost business.

Whether you operate a small, independent retail store or a large corporation, mobile shopping apps like Retale can offer significant business benefits. By releasing your circulars to Retale, you can stay competitive in a digital world and help your customers find the best deals.


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