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As a job seeker, your primary task is to score a job interview. However, if you're not maximizing your skills and marketing your experience, this task can be a challenge. Learn how to put yourself at the top of the candidate list with these five tips designed to get you in the door of the employer of your choice.

1. Network Like a Pro

The phrase that "it's more about who you know than what you know" holds true when it comes to the job search. Seek out opportunities to network with professionals in your industry to secure a job interview during your search. Attend monthly meet-ups sponsored by your local Chamber of Commerce, and join online groups to find out when networking events occur in your area and in your industry.

2. Create an Online Brand

Employers seek individuals who have established themselves as experts online. Show that you have influence by building a website that displays your sample work and outlines your experience. Boost your online presence, too, by connecting with more followers on social media platforms. Share informative views and articles that are relevant to your industry, and connect with like-minded individuals to further expand your brand as a professional and help secure a job interview.

3. Focus on Follow-Ups

You can't just wait around for an employer to call you for a job interview. Be proactive after you've sent out multiple resumes by emailing or calling the hiring manager to follow up. The more your name crosses the employer's desk, the more likely they are to remember who you are and seek out your skills.

4. List Credible References

References are extremely important to hiring managers. Employers need a way to verify your employment and your skills. As a job seeker, it's essential to find references who can vouch for your professionalism, share your successes and recommend you for employment.

5. Polish your Cover Letter and Resume

During your job search, put in ample time and effort to polish your application materials. Meet with a professional mentor or member of your network to get feedback. On your resume, focus on transferrable skills, and craft a cover letter that has a clear hook to capture attention. Avoid using templates that are far too common so that your job materials stand out and your chances of a job interview increase. It's also crucial to modify your resume and cover letter for each position so that you can detail how your skills match the job description.

Your job search is the most important aspect of finding employment, and when you put in the time and effort necessary, you increase your chances of securing a job interview. Showcase your talents and skills while displaying the experience you have that is relevant to the job. With standout application materials, your chances of getting your foot in the door increase significantly.

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