Should I ReWrite My Resume for a Recruiter?

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When working with a professional recruiter, it is common for candidates to receive requests that prompt changes to their application materials. Rewriting your resume may seem like a cumbersome task, but if you trust the individual and have not received the job offers you desire, the changes may be worth your while. In fact, the efforts may lead to a lucrative and successful job search.

The Importance of Setting Standards

A few small changes that require rewriting your resume should not derail your job search or your relationship with a professional recruiter. Make the changes that you agree with, and have an honest and open discussion with your recruiter about what you are not willing to change. Set clear goals for your career search and establish standards that both you and your recruiter can agree on to make the most of this professional partnership. The relationship requires mutual respect and an understanding of goals to positively impact your job search.

The Knowledge of Your Recruiter

Although making changes to your cover letter and resume may not a top priority, you should trust a professional recruiter who has the knowledge of what employers are seeking. The primary reason you sought out the assistance of this individual is to boost your career opportunities. Recruiters have inside information and relationships with employers, and most likely know what type of format or keywords these hiring managers are looking for when reviewing resumes. Put in the extra effort to make the necessary changes so your professional recruiter is confident in marketing your skills.

The Benefit of Multiple Resumes

If you are comfortable with the current form of your resume, consider using two copies. For example, if your recruiter is requesting that you add more of a human voice to your application materials, yet you are more confident with a resume that follows a strict format, opt to have two versions of the document. This way, your recruiter can send out the document he is comfortable promoting and you can retain a more formal style to market yourself. It is also common for a professional recruiter to request several forms of your resume to highlight specific skills and experience in various industries. If you have experience in both the finance and accounting industries, it may be necessary to have two different resumes that highlight one set of skills more than another when applying for positions.

Candidates who enlist the assistance of a professional recruiter must feel comfortable that the individual is capable of advancing their careers. Build a relationship based on mutual trust so you can enhance your job search. Although rewriting application materials may seem tedious, if you trust your recruiter, trust his advice so you can portray yourself as the best candidate for multiple positions.

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