Staying Productive While Staying Active

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With obesity levels rising, and the amount of time workers spend in front of a computer climbing as well, many employers are stepping up to initiate change by encouraging employees to exercise at work and to become more active in and out of the workplace. Employee fitness and wellness programs are emerging in corporate centers across the nation, while industry leaders transform their workspace into active, mobile environments that foster creativity, productivity and good health.

Since the Affordable Care Act of 2010, companies of all sizes are focusing more on the overall health and well-being of their employees. The legislation makes it easier for corporations and small businesses to offer wellness programs that support the goals and needs of their staff, states an article on Nexxt. Some companies partner with nearby gyms to provide employees with a convenient place to work out, while others construct on-site fitness facilities that encourage staff members to exercise at work during breaks or before and after their shifts.

Lack of time, lack of motivation and lack of support are the primary reasons individuals give for not staying active. Wellness programs that offer a variety of programs are the most beneficial to employees. Contests, challenges and special events keep members engaged and active, while opportunities to exercise at work make it easier to stay productive. Peer groups, buddy systems and company-wide fitness trackers provide support to help everyone achieve their goals faster.

Staying active is an essential part of staying productive. Healthy employees take fewer sick days and minimize the number of germs spreading through the workplace, boosting the company's overall productivity. Individuals who stay active and alert throughout the day tend to be more productive, happier and more satisfied than those who spend all day sitting in front of a computer screen, explains Forbes contributor, Neil Kane.

Innovative companies are creating ways for employees to exercise at work, a decision that benefits everyone involved. Rather than stiff desks and boring cubicles, staff members enjoy freedom and mobility in a colorful, open space. Comfortable sofas and chairs provide seating and work space, and computer stations are nearby for convenient access. A variety of products are on the market that make it easier for employees to stay active and exercise at work, such as treadmill desks, bike desks and the under-desk elliptical trainer called Cubii.

Healthy, active employees create a happier, more productive work environment, benefiting staff members and the company as a whole. Wellness programs and employee fitness groups provide inspiration, motivation and support, but companies that operate in an active environment that encourages movement and exercise at work typically see a boost in productivity, lower turnover rates, healthier employees and an increase in profits.


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