Take Action on Customer Feedback With These Four Tips

John Krautzel
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One of the most effective customer service strategies relies on gathering client feedback and incorporating it into future actions. Your client base matters, and taking their input into account when making decisions shows that you value what they have to say. Use customer feedback to your advantage when improving your products and services.

1. Streamline Feedback Processing

With advanced technology and the rise of social media connections between businesses and customers, it can be overwhelming for companies to keep track of customer feedback. However, if you streamline the process and create a single source to log and evaluate input and reviews, your executives can easily access the opinions and suggestions of customers. Assign an individual or a department to gather and compile feedback. Capture this information in spreadsheets, databases or applications so you can easily sort and categorize the input. Your company can review the feedback on a regular basis and use it when developing new customer service strategies.

2. Evaluate the Impact of Customer Input

Your clients need to know their voice matters. However, not all feedback should compel you to completely revamp your processes or product line. When making tough decisions about how to change your customer service strategies, rely on the numbers. Tally the most common theme of complaints or suggestions before deciding to look into or completely revamp a product or service. Although one complaint may concern your personnel, the complaint might be due to an isolated incident or problem that needs to be addressed personally. Assess your feedback streams for language that is repetitive and common to determine which issues need to be addressed right away.

3. Incorporate Feedback into Planning Sessions

Take the suggestions and complaints from your clients seriously by incorporating this feedback into discussions during planning sessions. Present the most common theme of issues that plague your customers when reevaluating customer service strategies. Short-term and long-term planning must take the opinions of your client base into account, since your business relies heavily on the products and services purchased to survive and the opinions of your customers to further your brand.

4. Tell Customers Their Opinions Matter

Let your customers know that the time they took to respond to a survey or reach out to your customer service agents was well worth it. When changing and improving processes, alert your clients of the change and thank them for contributing to the advancement. Let your clients know that their input helped shape how your company operates, and encourage them to continue providing feedback.

Your customers serve as the lifeline of your business. The customer service you provide and many of the actions you take to improve company processes should be based on the feedback you receive from valued buyers.

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