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Having the flexibility to work from home, or anywhere, is no longer a wish list item for job seekers. According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, as of 2018 there’s been a 40% jump in the amount of US based employers offering flex work options, and a whooping 173% increase in working from home since 2005. Working from home has grown out of being a work-life balance trend into a health-related requirement. In fact, in a recent survey by Nexxt, more than 2,800 job seekers were asked to rank the most important qualities of a job, before Covid-19, job seekers ranked flexibility as number three, however after Covid-19, flexibility moved to number five and health and safety jumped to the number three spot after previously being ranked fifth. When we think of remote work, there are a few obvious positions that come to mind. However, in response to social distancing efforts jobs that were once glued to a place of work can now thrive in remote environments.


Here are some jobs and careers for remote work:



Being a psychologist is not only a fulfilling career path, but a well-paying one. Given our technical landscape, patients can lay on their own couches and speak with their therapists instead of having to trek their doctor’s office. Psychologists are all about providing mental and emotional support, and that can still be achieved no matter where either party resides. Remote counseling might even be more beneficial for both the doctor and the patient. The stress of commuting is removed for both parties and the incentive to remain flexible with scheduling is higher. Companies like BetterHelp and TalkSpace offer mental health services remotely, with a range of licensed therapists who are available when you need them and at competitive pricing.


Fitness Instructor

Sure, it’s great to break a sweat in the gym with your clients but you don’t have to! Using great video-based platform such as Zoom, you can still be there to personally train people from the comfort of your own home. Encourage your clients to purchase some exercise equipment, such as a pair of lightweight dumbbells or resistance bands, and incorporate them into your virtual workouts together. Doing so will up the ante on your sessions, but using your own bodyweight works just as well! You can also pre-record yourself giving a training lesson and offer them as courses, or post on YouTube to attract a following.



The web has continued to dominant the way we obtain information as a society, and online learning isn’t anything new. However, schools and universities had to quickly shift to online schooling and it showed that it is possible. Although the government has introduced various phases of reopening, some colleges are not taking the risk. Cambridge University, the California State University system, The University of South Carolina and Harvard Medical School have all announced remote learning initiatives for the fall semester and beyond. With this, teachers are now tasked with turning their classroom learning environments into a remote experience. This may be the start of a more permanent shift in the way our educational systems continue to operate.


Talk Show Host (Hear us out)

To many people’s wonder, live TV has been able to pull through shelter-in place orders for the most part. Popular daytime shows, like The View and The Wendy Williams show, have leveraged the power of video conferencing platforms to host their shows for at-home viewers. Late night tv shows like Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert have all produced shows from home. On cable television network channel HGTV is set to premiere “Design at your Door”, a virtual home renovation fit for social distancing efforts.

If you don’t foresee any network contracts coming your way soon, fear not. YouTube has become the platform for DIYer’s to build their own space for video-based content creation. Depending on a few factors, such as how many views you get and your audience demographics, the more you stand to make a profit on YouTube. And let’s not forget about podcasts—this is another way to create and host your own show (or join one that’s already established). For both, make sure you invest in some quality recording gear.


Community Manager

Do you have great communication skills, diplomatic by nature or find it easy to build relationships with people? Then being a Community Manager might be a great career choice, and one that can be done remotely. It also has the potential to be a highly visible and impactful position with the organization you’re working for. Companies expect their CM’s to foster a sense of community within the scope of their clientele or customer base, mainly through digital platforms and outreach. However, others may require their Community Manager’s to be more public facing. You could become the brand’s go-to for press engagements, take the lead in organizing brand related events or help the sales team develop new business. These duties may not sound very remote based friendly, but they can be! With communication platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Asana, you’ll find the support you need to interact with both your colleagues and the greater public. Although you may be drawn outside of your home office every once in a while, that doesn’t mean you’ll be drawn into the office to get your job done.


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