The First 5 Minutes of the Interview Are Critical

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Within the first five minutes of a job interview, the hiring manager generally forms a personal and professional opinion of you, which is why it's crucial to put your best foot forward. Learn how to make a positive first impression and showcase your skills and qualifications the right way.

Showcase Your Knowledge of the Firm

A key part of your interview preparation typically revolves around practicing interview questions, but you should also gain as much knowledge as you can about the firm to detail what you know about the industry and the company itself during the interview. Scour the internet for news articles about the company's successes, research the firm's culture, mission and goals, and attempt to connect with current employers and executives on LinkedIn. During the job interview, revolve your responses around what you already know about the firm to impress the hiring manager.

Dress for Success

The first glimpse of your professionalism relies heavily on how you portray yourself through dress. Show up to the job interview in clothing that is professional and clean. Press your suit to eliminate wrinkles, polish your shoes and avoid wearing accessories that may prompt you to fidget. Keep your hair out of your eyes, and don't wear bold, loud colors that can easily distract the potential employer.

Utilize the CPR Approach

When answering interview questions, use clear responses, purposeful information and relevant answers. This is known as the CPR approach. Offer specific examples of how you managed employees, worked well with team members and took action during tense situations on the job. Point out how you utilize your skills on a daily basis, and describe times when you satisfied clients or gained additional business.

Share Your Achievements

A job interview requires you to fully detail how you fit well with the company. Don't back away from sharing your successes and on-the-job achievements. Outline any awards or recognition you have received professionally, detail large accounts you have acquired and share how you've pleased both employers and customers. If you have additional certifications or educational degrees, explain why you decided to enhance your education and skills. Employers want to see that you are motivated and eager to succeed right away, so begin answering common questions with a brief blurb about your professional achievements and goals.

Start each job interview by greeting the employer professionally and expressing your eagerness to join the team. Employers seek candidates who can make a positive first impression and represent the company in a manner that is fitting to the organization and industry. It's also important to look as professional as possible, as this also goes a long way when it comes to making a great first impression during a job interview.

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    Michael Salas

    Thank you. Always good to review the basics. Sharpen the pencil so to speak.

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