These 7 Tricks Will Leave a Positive Impression

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Acing your job interview comes down to leaving a positive impression with your interviewers. When all other things are equal with another candidate, making a memorable time of your 30 minutes thanks to positive aspects of your personality and skills wins the day. Discover seven tips and tricks to leave a great impression on the people responsible for hiring you during your interview

1. Mindset

Before you even arrive at the interview itself, a positive impression starts with the right mindset. As you prepare for the interview, recognize that you do the best you can and you put your best foot forward. Accept the fact that no matter how hard you try, the hiring manager may choose to go with someone else based on factors that you cannot control. Knowing that you do your best puts you in the right mindset that you're a winner no matter what happens.

2. Proper Preparation

Preparation is more than just studying good answers to questions. You have to ask the right questions to your interviewers. This leaves a positive impression because asking the right questions shows you understand the company at hand, the problems the company faces in the current market and the industry in which the company operates.

3. Body Language

Body language plays a huge role in making a positive impression in the job interview. Walk in confidently with a smile on your face, and firmly shake everyone's hand. Forgo slouching, fidgeting and poor posture once you sit down. Always maintain eye contact with the person speaking to you so you come across as attentive and knowledgeable rather than confused.

4. First Impression

Break the ice with an appropriate conversation starter. For example, reference the most recent company blog or press release to bring up valid talking points. Consider talking about a blog post that one of the interviewers recently commented on through their LinkedIn profile to create another way to start the conversation. Once you start talking, pick up on cues as to where to go from there.

5. Motivation

Understand what motivates you during the interview. When you know your motivation, your passion comes through to the interviewers. This gives your future employer some inkling as to why you truly want the job and what the position means to you.

6. Long-Term Goals

Your position is more than just a short-term proposition. Know how it fits into your long-term aspirations so you can make the right choice regarding what jobs to pursue. When you go into an interview knowing precisely why you want this job, it gives even more confidence in your candidacy because you can convey this to your interviewers.

7. Thank You

You want to leave a positive impression from start to finish. However, a thank-you note afterwards can tip the scales in your favor. Send a brief email to your interviewers directly after leaving the room. Sit in your car and compose the note on your smartphone. Consider sending a handwritten thank-you note a few days later.

A positive impression does a lot of things in an interview. The reason is that you want interviewers to remember you for the right reasons so they take your candidacy more seriously. Even if you don't land the job, a good impression may open the door for future possibilities.

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