This Could be Why You Didn't Land That Dream Job

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Few things are more disappointing than finding out that you didn't get your dream job, the position that seemed to match for your skills and experience perfectly. Review these common reasons for not getting the job, and improve your interview tactics to make sure you don't make the same mistakes moving forward.

Problematic Resume

Your resume is the sum of your professional history. Make sure it is eye-catching and easy to read. Resumes that are boring, cluttered or hard to open digitally may not get read at all. Send some of your friends a copy of your resume in the same format you use for applications, and ask for feedback. Is the format easy to scan for information? Is the font professional? Is the most important information at the top? Fix any problems, then customize each resume you send out to each individual employer.

Unprofessional Demeanor

Make sure you're on time for the interview, since even the most qualified applicants are unlikely to get the job if they are late. Dress professionally, and bring along multiple copies of your resume, a pen and paper for taking notes, and any portfolio items you want to share. During the interview, remember to show enthusiasm for the company, but avoid any distasteful remarks and inappropriate humor. These professional interview tips can help you stay on track when the next dream job comes along.

Negative Attitude

During job interviews, hiring managers evaluate whether you're the type of person that would be an asset to their business. They want to get a feel for how you'd fit in with the other employees. No one wants to work with someone who is typically grumpy. Avoid sharing negative stories or saying bad things about previous bosses or co-workers. If the interviewer brings up a problem area from your past, take responsibility for the situation and tell about what you learned from your mistakes. Placing blame on others and gossiping are quick ways to miss out on your dream job.

Poor Social Media Profiles

Having a quality LinkedIn profile is essential in 2018. Use a professional photo as your profile image, and include detailed specifics about your experiences and accomplishments. While you're updating your LinkedIn, take some time to look at your Facebook and Twitter profiles from the perspective of an employer. Keep anything that is not professional private, and consider deleting old content that doesn't match up with your current stage of life. Do a quick online search for your name and your common online nicknames, and work to get anything negative removed to ensure your online information won't keep you from getting your dream job.

Lack of Thank You Note

Crafting a quality thank you note shows hiring managers that you appreciate their time and are serious about the position. An email is acceptable, but a note card gets more attention. Including a call to action reminds that interviewer to follow through, getting you one step closer to your dream job.

Losing what felt like your dream job isn't easy, but don't get discouraged. It's important to keep looking if you want to find the right position for you. Update your resume, clean up your social media accounts and practice your interview tactics. Then, jump back into your job search with confidence.

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