Three Big Companies Looking for Customer Service Pros

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A huge driver in any market competition is price, but companies can only bring prices so low before business longevity is put in danger. That's one reason today's businesses actively search for excellent customer service solutions. Great systems, people, and processes bring added value through positive customer experiences, which make customers more willing to shell out a few extra dollars for products or service. Currently, there are a number of organizations creating customer service jobs.

Approaching holidays usually have businesses scrambling to fill slots and put customer service solutions in place. According to Fox News Radio, Toys "R" Us will hire 45,000 seasonal workers for 2013. Unlike some companies, the retail toy giant hires across all levels for the holidays—including inventory, sales, and management positions. Fifteen percent of those hired for seasonal work in 2012 were converted to long-term, full-time employees. While the company is seeking thousands of individuals to meet customer service goals, they aren't the only company that offers opportunities around the holidays. According to reports, J.C. Penney, Sterling Jewelers, and FedEx are among the companies hiring for the season.

In 2013, the healthcare and insurance sector is seeing a boost in customer service jobs, due in part to the Affordable Care Act. Call centers are being staffed in preparation for opportunities that will take place in early 2014. In the meantime, ongoing growth in the medical sector has companies such as Maximus expanding call centers and customer service solutions. The business, located in Pennsylvania, is opening a second office and plans to hire up to 700 individuals. Employees at Maximus provide service not to end users, but to healthcare providers who bill Medicare. The business assists with claims appeals, in part by answering questions and processing appeals for providers.

Alorica, a company with assets located in Topeka, KS, is also planning an expansion. Unlike Maximus, Alorica is not expanding its customer service solutions due to growth in the overall market. Instead, the company plans to hire 100 new customer service specialists to deal with work generated by a single new client. The company has an immediate need for workers who are willing to undergo training in the company's customer service solutions and able to work either day or evening shifts. According to Alorica, plans are to bring on groups of workers through paid training classes from December through February.

Customer service solutions are a growing need of many companies, which should make it easier for individuals to land work in the niche. CSRs are often well paid, even without specific experience or education, but you may have to be willing to think outside the box, take on part-time or shift work, or enter at lower-than-desired compensation and work your way up to a better position.



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