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As 2015 looms ever nearer, many businesses are beginning to consider the potential operational and technological changes for the new year. Because administrative professionals are often involved in multiple departments and business functions, it is advantageous to consider the skills for 2015 that will be necessary to keep pace with business developments. Starting your skill development early can help you manage the transition without disrupting your workflow.

Cloud Computing

As cloud computing continues to become more sophisticated, more businesses are making the shift. Some companies are in the process of moving all or part of their filing over to the cloud to enable easier access from more locations. As an administrative worker, developing an aptitude for cloud technology is one of the top skills for 2015. In doing so, you'll find it easier to adjust your workflow and offer assistance to other employees during the transition. What's more, since cloud systems use centrally coordinated applications, you may be faced with questions and support requests from clients.

Data Security

After several highly publicized data breaches occurred at major corporations in 2013 and 2014, Internet data security is one of the most important skills for 2015. Customers are increasingly concerned with how companies are protecting personal and financial information. For administrative professionals, particularly those who deal with customers on a regular basis, it will be crucial to have a thorough understanding of security. If a customer asks about how your company protects their data, you must be able to answer with confidence and authority. What's more, you must have the ability to protect the data for new and existing accounts. At the end of 2014, look into your company's data protection policies, and ask for updates about upcoming changes.

Big Data

When it comes to identifying the top skills for 2015, data-driven systems are key. Despite all of the attention it has gotten in the past several years, Big Data has remained in the realm of the mega-corporations. In 2015, however, an increasing number of data-driven systems are expected to work their way down into smaller businesses, impacting everything from hiring to lead generation. In order for companies to use data effectively, it must first be collected and maintained. A portion of that responsibility is likely to fall into the hands of administrators. As you are developing your skills for 2015, consider adding Big Data to the list. When your business adopts data analysis, you will need to understand how to collect accurate data, how to store it and how to deploy it for effective analysis.

In the months leading up to the end of 2014, administrative workers can get ahead of the game by working on skills for 2015. By anticipating upcoming changes and preparing accordingly, you can enter into the new year feeling confident and capable.


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