Tips to Create a Job Search Plan

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A proper job search plan may not produce results in just a few weeks. You may have to conduct your search over a few months to achieve fine-tuned results. When you have a solid plan and make a concerted effort to stick to it, you improve your chances of landing a job that speaks to your passions and fulfills your professional goals. Discover how to make a plan and stick to it while job hunting.

1. Delineate Your Goals

Write down a clear set of job search goals. This may sound old-fashioned, but the physical process of writing helps commit your goals to memory, which means you have a better chance of accomplishing them. Include large goals and smaller goals in your job search plan, and then fill in the practical aspects of achieving each step. Consider writing down the types of companies you want to work for, how much time you want to spend per day on your search and the income you want to earn.

2. Be Selective

Even with a solid job search plan, it's not a good idea to apply to any and every position you find. Narrow your search by focusing on a select few employers. You save time and effort over the long term, and you'll have more time to tailor your resume and cover letter to each position of interest.

3. Make Your Job Search Your Job

Creating a job search plan and seeking employment should be your full-time job. If you already have a job, your job search is like moonlighting on the side. As with any job, it's essential to set a schedule and get assistance from others. Someone keeps you accountable at an actual job. In this case, your accountability partner can be a family member, trusted friend or mentor. Your trusted adviser can also point you to resources you may not think of that can help with your job search plan.

4. Celebrate Successes

Success during your job hunt comes in many forms, so do not wait until you land a job to celebrate. It's okay to reward yourself after a job well done. At the end of a long day of job hunting, your instant reward can be to go home and spend time with your family and friends without thinking about your job search. Once you achieve daily goals or a larger milestone, take some time off and reward yourself with a movie, an extra slice of pie for dessert or a full day of relaxation.

Your job search plan is only as successful as the effort you put into it. Set a schedule, commit to your schedule and set small and large goals. Keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself as you achieve your job search goals.

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