What Are Unique Accomplishments and Should They be Included on Your Resume?

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Although it's important for job seekers to customize their resumes for each position, the question of whether to include unique accomplishments is highly debated. It's appropriate to include skills and experience related to the job you're seeking, but it can also play in your favor to list successes related to the field.

Focus on Your Brand

Unique accomplishments don't have to be earth-shattering events. In fact, detailing how your successes relate to your brand can further impress potential employers. Although many professionals don't include their hobbies on their resumes, if your hobby relates to the position, it may put you a step ahead of other applicants. For example, if you're an accounting professional and you created a program in a local school district to help show students how to compile taxes, this could qualify as one of the accomplishments you should list on your resume.

Appeal to the Hiring Manager

Research not only the company but also the individual in charge of hiring so you can highlight unique accomplishments that might appeal directly to that person's personal and professional interests. A job seeker who takes the time to learn about who hires new talent can solidify his chances of obtaining an interview — and ultimately a position — with the company. For example, if you learn that the hiring manager was part of a service sorority or fraternity in college and you are also a member of this organization, highlight accomplishments from your college days on your resume. Appeal to the interests of those who have influence in a final hiring decision.

Cater to the Culture

Part of your preliminary research should also include learning about the company's culture so you can highlight unique accomplishments on your resume that show how well you fit as a potential employee. If the business promotes sustainability or community involvement, detail how you have contributed to worthy efforts locally and nationally. Include any honors or recognition you've received from community organizations on your resume to show that you are fulfilling the mission and goals of the company's culture.

Highlight Unorthodox Skills

Use space on your resume to include unique accomplishments that indicate transferrable skills. For example, if the company specializes in running equipment or sports, indicate your interests in these activities. Maybe you've participated in the local marathon for the last five years or worked for a time as a fitness instructor. Show that you're not only a potential employee but also an active individual who could represent the organization well.

Your resume should include a thorough rundown of your skills and experiences, but if you have the space, take the opportunity to highlight unique accomplishments related to the industry and the position itself. Employers are often impressed with candidates who show both professional and personal interests and skills that could positively impact operations and company culture.

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