What Happens When You Have a Career You Love?

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If you love your career, you likely feel energized and inspired by your work and excited to get out of bed each morning. Earning high pay for a profession you love is a great feat, but there’s no such thing as a perfect career. Unforeseen challenges or setbacks can make some days or time periods less than stellar. However, when you love your career, it’s easier to deal with unpleasant situations with professionalism and grace.

Career Ups and Downs

If you speak to any successful person about her career path, she’ll likely discuss times of great achievement and periods that weren’t so great. Even if you love your career, you might have to deal with a layoff, demotion or extremely challenging client at some point during your journey. You might get overlooked for a position that’s perfect for you or make a huge mistake that costs your company a lot of money. Don’t let any of these unfortunate circumstances prevent you from making great strides in your career.

You never know how unfortunate career situations might play out in the long term, so learn from your career mistakes, remain flexible and be open to new opportunities. Many people experience setbacks and go on to achieve greatness; never lose your cool when things go badly. Remember, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a news reporter, and Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, the company he created. Both figures went on to accomplish great things and revolutionize their industries.

Maintaining Happiness

If you’re generally happy about your career path, you’re likely in route to your dream career. People who are not happy with their career paths tend to make a big deal about small negative aspects of their jobs. For example, if you love your career, working a few extra hours per month or pitching in when another department is short-staffed isn't a big deal. On the other hand, if you can’t stand your job, you likely dread spending any extra time at the office or helping out in dire situations. If most aspects of your career make you unhappy, it might be time for a change.

There are many reasons why it’s important to love your career. First, people who enjoy their professions are generally positive and fulfilled. They appear calm and confident and rarely dwell on negative aspects of their jobs or lives. When stressful situations arise, they deal with them quickly and move on. People who are happy in their professions are usually motivated to meet their goals and are often a source of motivation to others. They also continue to achieve great things, which leads to greater successes.

Even the most successful people face unforeseen challenges in their careers, so don’t let your fear of hardships stop you from achieving your career goals. Good days far outnumber bad days when you love your career, so take full advantage of each opportunity you have to move forward in your profession.

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  • shapour a.
    shapour a.

    if we have a good job and love it, we will be satisfied out of home! and if you have a good spouse and love it, we will be satisfied at home...then we have a good life...

  • shapour a.
    shapour a.

    life is 2 things!!!! times that we spend at "HOME"&"WORK"

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