What If You Want a Job Out-of-State?

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Applying for out-of-state jobs expands your horizon of opportunities while providing the exciting prospect of packing up your old life and trying something new. Unfortunately, since companies receive hundreds of applications from local candidates, remote applicants have to work even harder to create a connection with their potential employer. Here are a few tips to show them you're serious from across state borders.

Create a Relocation Plan

You can't plan out your whole move before securing an out-of-state job, but you can get a head start. Looking for temporary and permanent housing options, finding a neighborhood that fits your budget, and getting a quote for a mover can all reveal to the interviewer that you mean business. This also prepares you for the possibility of getting the out-of-state job, which could require relocating quickly so you can get started.

Share Your Ties With the Area

When you're applying for jobs remotely, hiring managers may question your actual interest in relocating to the area. In your resume or during an interview, explain quickly what draws you to the area to show you have reasons to move beyond the position to which you're applying. For example, if you previously lived in the area, visited it recently or have relatives there, be sure to let your potential employer know. You can also share your connection with local leisure activities and extracurriculars, such as hiking, skiing, fine arts or live music.

Prepare for Technical Problems

If you're interviewing by phone or video chat, a lot of technology stands between you and your interviewer, which can create frustration if things go awry. Go somewhere with a strong, reliable internet connection, and double-check to make sure your camera, microphone and headphones are working before interviewing for an out-of-state job. You may also want to adjust the settings of your video-call program so it doesn't update automatically at the wrong moment.

Be Responsive

Local applicants may be able to get away with a slight lag in responding to interviewer inquiries or sending out that post-interview thank-you email, but remote applicants don't have that luxury. To increase your likelihood of scoring the out-of-state job, demonstrate that you're present emotionally and mentally to make up for your physical absence. This may mean responding to all communications promptly, sending occasional messages just to touch base or even making a phone call to clear up any confusing information on your application.

Scoring a job remotely takes some hard work and finesse, but by showing your dedication and willingness to pack up at a moment's notice, applying for jobs in other states can be incredibly fruitful. Do you have any tips or experience in applying for out-of-state jobs? Share them in the comments section below.

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