What Is the Interview Mistake That Most Job Seekers Make?

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When you step into any job interview, it's important that you make a good impression on the hiring manager. This brief encounter provides the opportunity for a potential employer to judge your appearance, personality and qualifications and access your ability to do the job, so it's imperative that you let your best self shine. Consider these common mistakes that job seekers make to ensure you ace your next job interview.

1. Showing Up Late

Never arrive late to a job interview; it shows disrespect for the hiring manager's time and displays a lack of professionalism. Make sure you know where you're going on interview day, and try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.

2. Not Introducing Yourself

Develop an elevator pitch prior to your job interview, and practice it until it sounds natural. This gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, demonstrate your experience, show off your skills and brag about your achievements. Try to keep your speech to about 30 seconds, but make sure it's unique and memorable.

3. Not Doing Your Research

Always research the potential employer before you go to any interview. Check out the company website, read about its history, study the mission, and learn more about products and services. Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of some current employees to try to decipher the company culture.

4. Saying Too Much

While you do want to answer the hiring manager's questions completely, you should also be careful that you're not too open with your responses. Don't reveal too much about your personal life, and never say anything negative about a former employer, boss or co-worker.

5. Dressing Inappropriately

Potential employers judge you based on how you look at a job interview, so make sure you look polished and professional. Keep perfume or cologne to a minimum, and avoid unnecessary accessories, such as sunglasses or Bluetooth headsets.

6. Displaying Poor Body Language

Be aware of what your body language says about you during the job interview. Avoid slouching in your seat, yawning while the hiring manager is talking or fidgeting with a pen, as these actions make you seem bored or distracted.

7. Not Asking Questions

Always take the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview, as saying you have no questions makes you seem disinterested in the position. Jot down a few insightful questions ahead of time. Ask about the company culture, or inquire about a challenge the organization is currently facing.

If your interviews aren't going well and you're not getting the job offers you're hoping for, assess your job interview behavior. Make sure you're not committing any of these common mistakes. If you're guilty of any, learn from them and adjust your actions at the next interview.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Toufic S thanks for your comment. You should know, prior to going for the interview, what the salary range might be for the position. You can look it up on a site like Salary.com or even Glassdoor.com. If they ask what salary you are expecting, you can tell them that you believe that the range is say $40000 to $45000 and then let them pick it up from there. Or you could say "Can you tell me what range you were thinking of?" Sometimes that works, sometimes they turn it right back on you. You don't want to price yourself out of the position but you don't want to sell yourself short, either. That's why you need to do your homework prior to the interview. Never accept a position without knowing the salary range!!!

  • Toufic S.
    Toufic S.

    If the employer ask what is salary you're looking for, would tell them how much or let them make the offer ?

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