What is More Important to Millennials Than a Big PayCheck?

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Unlike workers from the baby boomer and X generations, millennial workers require more than a great salary, good medical benefits and a good retirement package. There are other benefits that are more important to millennials, and this group won't hesitate to seek new opportunities if they're not getting what they want from an employer. Here are a few things millennials want more than a big paycheck.

Job Flexibility

Thanks to technology, workers in many fields can perform their jobs from practically any location, as long as they have a computer and access to a phone and internet service. Since job flexibility is important to millennials, offering a flexible work schedule along with the opportunity to work remotely is an attractive benefit. Flexible work schedules also support a good work/life balance, which is also important to millennials.

Making a Social Impact

Millennials are known for their desire to be part of something that's greater than themselves. Making a social impact is important to millennials, so they're typically attracted to companies that give back to the community in some way. If your organization holds toy drives each holiday season, supports charitable organizations or offers volunteer opportunities, many millennials would feel proud to work for your company.

Diverse Work Culture/Community

Millennials generally frown on the idea of working for a company where everyone looks and acts the same. It's important to millennials to work in an environment that's welcoming and accepting of different types of people and attitudes. Workers want to feel comfortable being themselves, despite their differences. Diverse workplaces foster more inclusive, collaborative environments where workers feel valued for their skills, ideas and work ethic, and millennials tend to gravitate towards this type of workplace.

Learning and Development Opportunities

Millennials want to grow and develop within their positions, so it's a good idea to offer professional development programs if you want to attract and keep millennial workers. Offer extensive training and mentorship opportunities to new workers, and consider paying for employee certifications or industry-related degrees. You can also host seminars at the workplace or give workers the opportunity to attend industry seminars off-site. Offer opportunities for advancement to workers who make a consistent effort to develop personally and professionally.

Modern Office Amenities

Modern office amenities might seem like a waste of money to organizational leaders, but nothing can be further from the truth. Bright wall colors, modern furniture, unique office equipment and unconventional office setups can make workers excited about entering your workplace. Other amenities that attract millennials include on-site fitness centers, child-care facilities, juice bars, walking trails and lounge areas. Make your workplace exciting, comfortable, convenient and practical for millennial employees, and they'd likely want to stick around.

Offering a big paycheck isn't enough for millennials. Many millennial workers want to feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves. They also seek flexibility in their careers and a good work/life balance. If you offer these benefits along with opportunities for growth, the millennials working for your organization are more likely to stick around. What other benefits do you think are important to millennials?



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