What is the Future of the Luxury Shopping Experience?

Lauren Krause
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The luxury shopping experience serves as an example for all retailers, and it sets the bar high for meeting consumer demands and expectations. Consider some of the industry standards that luxury retailers are setting now that affect the future of luxury shopping.

Tracking Consumers for Better Compatibility

Upscale retailers are using a number of methods to collect information from the consumer. Although some may see it as an invasion of privacy, data mining helps retailers customize a luxury shopping experience for consumers based on their preferences, past purchases and browsing habits. The simple act of placing something in your online shopping cart and removing it is recorded by companies. From this information, luxury retailers create unique shopping predictions for each consumer based on his activities.

Increasing Mobile Access

Although mobile shopping has boomed over the years, increasing mobile access is becoming more imperative. Over two-thirds of shoppers use their cell phones while shopping to conduct product research, perform price comparisons and make comments online. High-end retailers are focusing on developing websites and advanced mobile technologies that offer the greatest conveniences to the consumer. Offering mobile payment options is also important for modern luxury shopping. Tablet optimization of luxury retail apps must continue so that more fancy retailers can grant a higher spectrum of shoppers full shopping capabilities.

Providing Omni-Channel Service

For luxury retailers, omni channel building is important as the traditional and online worlds of consumers continue to merge. Consumers crave a seamless shopping experience to make all of their worlds connect. From in-store, online, telephone and social media platforms, omni channel building is important for reaching consumer expectations and providing greater services.

The Rise of Webrooming

Showrooms are a popular aspect of luxury shopping on site, but webrooming, the act of hosting an interactive showroom online, is growing in popularity. Shoppers like the idea of navigating a fancy store without leaving their home, or on a mobile device. Some companies even have systems where a customer can try on the outfit virtually before making a purchasing decision, and more luxury retailers are following suit.

Faster Delivery

Same-day shipping is another perk that luxury retailers are seeking. Stores like Macy's and Amazon are answering the call of consumers, delivering their products the same day that they are ordered, but more luxury retailers must catch up with same-day shipping trends to avoid losing the interest of customers. Less than a fifth of luxury retailers offer consumers the option of ordering online and picking it up at the store, but more are developing ways to make shipping much faster.

Upscale retailers are expected to provide an innovative luxury shopping experience to consumers. It is important for luxury retailers to remember that greater digital options and higher convenience should not be the sole basis of the futuristic shopping experience, but both can be used to enhance the customer experience accordingly.


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