Why Do Hiring Managers Ask These 5 Tricky Questions?

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Although it may seem like asking a tricky interview question during a job interview is unfair, the reality is that employers are trying to uncover your strengths while evaluating your ability to think outside of the box when put on the spot. To show that you can navigate questions that are unusual or tricky, consider using the following suggestions when responding to hiring managers.

1. What Do You Know About This Job?

Although this inquiry falls under what many candidates classify as a tricky interview question, employers who ask this question want to know if you put time and effort into researching the company and position. When answering, detail what you know by describing the duties of the position while also mentioning what you have learned about the company's achievements, standing in the industry and culture. Go one step further by discussing exactly how you are qualified to complete the duties required.

2. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

While it's tempting to discuss your family when answering a tricky interview question like this one, resist the urge to do so. Divulging your marital or family status might put you at a disadvantage, depending on the employer. Instead of revealing exactly what you do in your spare time, think about activities that are related to the position, such as volunteer work you perform in the community, and discuss those activities in detail.

3. Where Would You Like to Be In Five Years?

You may see yourself working in another industry or with another company in five years, but when asked this tricky interview question, avoid focusing on your personal goals. Employers want to know if you are loyal and if you plan to stay with the company long term. Discuss how you see yourself advancing within the company during the job interview, and focus solely on how you can positively impact the firm in future years.

4. What Are Your Weaknesses?

When asked about weaknesses, don't divulge that you are not timely or miss deadlines regularly. Instead, discuss weaknesses that could be viewed as strengths when answering this tricky interview question. For example, if you are proficient in a software program, but you would like to learn more to gain expert status, share how you are working to improve your skills.

5. What is Your Current Salary?

Discussions about salary are tricky. In fact, this question can put you at a disadvantage if you disclose that you are willing to accept much less than what the position pays. It's best to explain that you are seeking a long-term opportunity and are still evaluating an appropriate salary range. If pressed, you can divulge what you are currently making while noting that you are seeking an opportunity that values your worth.

When asked a tricky interview question, it's best to transition to a topic that showcases your skills and experience so you can thoroughly explain to potential employers how you plan to impact the company.

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