Why Isn't That New Resume Working?

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You've spent days working hard to get your resume just right or hired a professional to ensure its perfection, so why don't you have more interview offers? Getting the right job requires more than a great resume. You also need a great strategy, a quality network and a little patience. If you're worried your resume is not doing its job, consider these points to boost its effectiveness.

Getting a Job Takes Work

Consider your great resume your advertisement. Ads don't work if they aren't seen by the people who need the item the ads are selling. It's your job to get your resume seen by the right people. This process includes figuring out which companies are right for you, discovering who makes the hiring decisions and following proper application channels so your resume gets into the right hands. Continue to expand your network, and make sure you're working those connections to find out about opportunities that get your resume reviewed. Keep your professional social media accounts active, and ensure readers have easy access to that great resume whenever they want to learn more about your professional qualifications.

Be Ready to Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Perhaps you currently spend 40 hours a week reading job boards online and applying for positions, making sure to follow all the application rules. You update your LinkedIn account regularly and correspond via email with all of your contacts. You have your job hunt routine, and you stick to it. Unfortunately, this may not be enough. To expand your job opportunities, you need to get out of your desk chair and start thinking outside the box. Start by brainstorming all the different things you could do to help you find a job. Consider joining professional organizations, working with recruiters and sending pain letters to your dream companies sharing your potential worth to their organizations. Start scheduling these new activities into your day. Don't underestimate the power of social engagements either. Attend parties, have coffee with acquaintances, and call your family members to check in. Every interaction provides new opportunities to help you get your great resume seen.

Improve Your Focus

The resume creation process tends to focus on your worth and accomplishments. During your job search, you need to focus on the companies where you hope to work. There is no perfect way to look for a job. Tailor your job hunt for your industry, your desired position and the types of companies where you are applying. Start by making a list of your ideal organizations. By focusing more of your job search on those particular companies, you are more likely to have success. Spend time learning about those organizations, considering departments that are a great fit for you, and finding out the names of hiring managers and departmental heads. Be vigilant for networking opportunities to move you closer to the people who can help you get in the door.

A great resume is a wonderful start, but it alone is not enough to find a great job. Keep doing the work daily necessary to find leads, make contacts and get that great resume seen by the people with the power to offer you a position.

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