Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters

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The content of your resume is extremely important, but many job seekers don't realize that how you name your resume as a file is just as important. Because so many resumes are sent to potential employers via email or other electronic means, it becomes essential that your resume not only contain your name, but ideally some distinguishing characteristic about you.

Create a Unique File Name

Whatever you do, don't name your resume "My Resume" or any other generic name. While a vague file name like this is fine for your personal computer, keep in mind that the person who receives your resume via email will now have to sift through dozens of resumes all named alike. At the very least, name your resume with "Your Name - Resume." This way, the recipient knows who it came from and can quickly and easily retrieve it for a second glance. Do the same thing with your cover letter.

Sell Yourself

For extra points, take your resume name a step further. If you're applying for an administrative assistant position, think of something that might resonate with hiring managers in that industry, such as "Your Name - Efficient Admin," or something similar. This approach encourages the recipient to want to know more about you by opening the file. Just make sure the content within supports whatever snazzy title you create.

Create File Folders

If you're looking to maximize your results, you are probably already modifying your resume for each and every job you apply for. This can get confusing, so it's a good idea to create a separate folder for each job. In each folder, you can save your resume, cover letter and any other application materials unique to each position. This makes it simple to refer back whenever a hiring manager comes calling.

Save It in the Proper Format

When sending or uploading your resume, the preferred file format is PDF. A PDF is like a snapshot of your finished document and maintains its integrity no matter where it goes. If you send your resume as a Word document, you take the risk of it appearing jumbled if the receiver has a different version of Word than you. Unless the employer or job description states otherwise, always send and submit your resumes as PDF files.


If your resume is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, a cleverly named resume means little. Take it a step beyond spell check and have a few people read it over to make sure it flows well and isn't too wordy.

The content of your resume means little if you can't get the recipient to open the document. Just like any other component of your job application, the title of your resume must make you stand out from your competition. Pair a well-titled resume with an appropriate file type and flawless proofreading to give yourself the greatest chance for resume success.

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