Why is Pinterest So Popular?

Lauren Krause
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Consumers no longer search for one product at a time — they want to multitask and get information quickly and precisely. Pinterest fills this need. With Pinterest, consumers can search images for relevant products and ideas. Pinterest's new analytics feature help leverage companies' marketing or product strategies.

Increasingly, job openings in marketing require at least some understanding of social media — including Pinterest. Consumers base their purchases on customer feedback and branding strategies. DIY has become very popular, and digital pinning has become essential to build the dream life consumers are carving out for themselves.

Pinterest pins run the gamut from planning a wedding to planning a fun weekend with the kids. Almost everything can be found on Pinterest boards. Books and magazines are becoming more irrelevant for providing guidance and instructions. Consumers use Pinterest when they have a basic idea of what they are looking for, since it provides a more targeted image-oriented search.

The images on Pinterest allow for a quick overview of search results. With visually appealing layouts, consumers feel they can become DIYers and make their homes beautiful or find new ideas for future projects. Pinterest can also function as a vision board and a productivity assistant. Most websites are pinnable these days, which makes it easier for consumers to pin the images they want to remember and for companies to facilitate sharing of their marketing content.

Unlike other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest serves as a personal help. It was not built to track how many people are following you or how many friends you have; it was made to increase consumer productivity online. It inspires the consumer to be creative, rather than asking for creative input. There is a lot less social pressure surrounding Pinterest. It allows consumers to use the Internet as their mind map, to track all their ideas on Pinterest's boards.

Pinterest has recently expanded its commenting options, allowing users to send pins to multiple people or respond to pins that were sent to them. This lets users interact with each other. This interaction supports participation from mobile users who communicate with others who share their enthusiasm in a particular theme or topic.

From a business perspective, Pinterest has just become more useful. Pinterest has expanded its analytics, allowing companies to track which pins generate the most impressions, repins and views. This helps companies interpret the volume of traffic that Pinterest pins have on driving users back to their own websites. Companies can see what is working in their favor to increase traffic. Maybe their potential customers are looking for ways to be good homemakers, better gardeners or gourmet chefs; as long as the companies can give consumers a feeling that they, too, can be creative in their own way, companies can use that data to increase their potential customer base.

For companies and job seekers, social media has become a must-have, and Pinterest has become one of the essentials. Pinterest can be used to figure out how a company is of value to the consumer. With its pinning options and visually appealing design, it has become a new way for people to save, share and search for products and projects.

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