Will Comcast Improve its Customer Service?

John Krautzel
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If you have Comcast service, the odds are you have received poor customer service at some point. According to a recent Temkin Experience Ratings Survey, Comcast's customer service is ranked as the worst out of all Internet and television service providers. With the announcement of Comcast's proposal to purchase Time Warner Cable, you need to know if Comcast's customer service is expected to improve or if customer service is going to get even worse.

To understand how the merger affects you, it is important to first understand the arguments of the proponents and opponents of the Time Warner-Comcast merger. On one side, there are supporters of the merger that believe Comcast has an opportunity to improve customer service while expanding its provider area. On the other hand, there are people who oppose the merger due to Comcast gaining more control over the Internet and television provider markets. The bottom line is a merger has the potential to enhance your service, but there is no real guarantee of an improvement to Comcast's customer service.

If the Time Warner-Comcast merger is completed, Comcast will end up with control of about 40 percent of the Internet service provider market and 30 percent of the television service provider market. Opponents of the merger argue that with increased control of these markets, Comcast has no incentive to improve customer service. However, proponents of the merger point out that Comcast still has major competitors, including Amazon, Neflix and Dish Network. Competition is one of the primary reasons for Comcast to improve customer service.

Aside from the arguments surrounding the merger, you also need to know how the merger can affect your customer experience. The reality is, Time Warner provides inferior services compared to Comcast. For example, Comcast offers faster Internet service and far more wifi hotspots than Time Warner. So, if you are a current Time Warner customer, there is huge potential for improvements to your service. However, some opponents expect prices to go up after the merger, so you and other Time Warner customers may see an increase in charges. If you are a current Comcast customer, your service stays the same, but there is always room for improvement after the merger. For example, increased control over the Internet and television service provider markets gives Comcast more power to negotiate with cable networks, which is one way Comcast's customer service and customer experience could improve.

Ultimately, the company's leaders determine whether or not Comcast's customer service is enhanced. In an interview with Forbes, Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen argues that a merger offers a great opportunity to improve Comcast's customer service. Additionally, Comcast has already addressed some of the most common customer complaints. For example, menus are now more user-friendly and appointment windows are more accurate and flexible for customers. This reflects the company's desire to improve customer service regardless of whether or not a merger takes place.

Comcast's customer service has been discussed at length well before the proposed merger and it is sure to remain a hot topic. Although there is a chance your customer experience remains unchanged, there is also the possibility for improvement. Since Comcast's customer service issues have been acknowledged by the company's leaders, that is a good indication of a commitment to improving service regardless of a merger.


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