Young Workers Are Looking for Companies with Purposes and Strong Values

Jeremy Razo
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Workers who are 18 to 40 years old make up the largest group in the workforce. Their needs and wants are different than previous generations. These workers come from two different age groups, Millennials and Gen Z. The former is nearing 27 to 40 years old while the latter is 18 to 26 years old. Appealing to both groups call for a change in perspective from HR and company leaders. Some of the ways companies can attract Millennials and Gen Z are:

Highlighting your mission and vision
Saying your company is a great place to work doesn't share enough information. Millennials want a workplace with purpose and meaning. Gen Z also agrees in having a meaningful workplace. They want to feel a part of a collective. Companies must appeal to these desires in their sales pitch. Use the company's mission and vision statement here. 

If your company's mission serves the neighborhood, bring it up during interviews. Say how the company led events like walk-a-thons or food drives. The team could also highlight their goal in serving clients and employees. Connect young workers to your company's mission and they'll gladly interview with you.

Employee benefits
Many young workers value much more than just money. A Fidelity survey found Millennials are ok with making less...but only if it means more career development or work flexibility. Gen Z has other wants. Gen Z workers want a fair wage and a mentally healthy environment. These are the many benefits that appeal to a young worker. For some companies, it might be time to review employee benefits. Companies might review things like:

• Parental leave 

• Work from home options

• Training and career growth opportunities

You don’t want great talent to go elsewhere just because of money. Leverage your benefits package to help young workers choose you over other companies. 

Mentorship opportunities
Young workers are ambitious and eager to grow their careers. Let them know your company supports career growth. President of Institute for Strategic Leadership, Lauren Rikleen,shared that Millennials want a workplace focused on training and development. Most millennials value being integrated into the workforce and seek feedback! Gen Z also appreciates mentorship and values supervisors that set performance goals and ‘care about their life’. Mentorship offers these groups a way to ‘fast-track’ their careers, whether employees are entry-level or managers.

Companies can mention mentorship opportunities during job interviews.  Aspects of the mentorship program that are beneficial for young workers to know can be the frequency of check-in opportunities. Let young workers know how often they’ll talk about goals with their bosses. Be transparent in career path opportunities. Your company can consider starting a mentorship program for new hires. New hires can pair with experienced employees and discuss career advice over lunch.

Young workers will feel at home when they see your company is learning-centric! This goes a long way in building trust and belief in your company. And once you build this connection, young workers will be eager to jump start their career with you!

Meet talent where they are
Don’t be shy in reaching out to young workers about job or internship opportunities. Yes, it’s great to post on job boards like Nexxt…but also incorporate different platforms to attract talent. Take part in college and non-profit career fairs. You can also start posting more on LinkedIn or Facebook. Don’t just post job opportunities. Showcase events and valuable discussions happening at the company. For example, if you’re in HR and your department is hiring, talk about trending topics in HR. Discuss your company’s commitment to diversity, etc.

Young workers will appreciate that you discuss these topics on different platforms. You will also build brand awareness for your company by starting thought-provoking discussions. And once you build this brand awareness, more young workers will apply to your company.


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