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Job interviews give you a chance to impress employers with your skills, personality and achievements. The people in front of you judge whether or not you're the best fit for the position, so use these tips and tricks to help you succeed during this important meeting.

1. Know When to Think

The job interview is not all about you, so try not to babble on and on. Pause and think about your answers before speaking, and give the hiring manager a chance to respond. Always keep your answers thoughtful and to the point.

2. Display Good Manners

Displaying good managers seems like common sense, but you should still practice your manners before a job interview. Never interrupt when someone else is speaking, be nice to everyone you see, maintain a pleasant attitude and wear a smile.

3. Arrive Slightly Early

Arrive around 10 minutes early to the job interview. Punctuality makes you look good, and the interviewers might just be ready before the appointed time.

4. Sell Yourself With a Cover Letter

A unique, well-written cover letter helps you stand out from the crowd of candidates. A cover letter describing your unique skill set, achievements and career goals can also boost your chances of landing a job offer.

5. Research the Company

Research the company thoroughly before the interview. Know the current state of the industry, major obstacles to growth and information about the company culture. That way, you can ask relevant questions when deciding if this organization is worth your talents.

6. Set Yourself Apart

Prove that you are unique beyond your resume and cover letter. This is where your personality comes in. Gauging your personality is the entire reason for a job interview, so make it count by being unique.

7. Ask Questions

Prepare questions in advance, and ask any question that comes to mind. Interviews are a two-way conversation. If you don't ask questions, the manager may think you're not interested in the position, which can cost you a job offer.

8. Be Honest, Not Perfect

Everyone knows the perfect employee does not exist, just ones that have a skill set that is optimal for the position. Give realistic answers to questions so your manager knows how you fit into the puzzle at work.

9. Send a Thank-You Note

Always send a quick thank-you note to the hiring manager right after the interview. Consider following that up with a handwritten note sent through the mail. Both notes show timeliness and thoughtfulness.

10. Demonstrate Patience

There's no need to follow-up every single day after an interview. Managers should give you a timeline of when they expect to decide so it's best to contact HR when that time passes if you haven't heard back.

Hiring professionals gauge your interpersonal skills during a job interview, and these tips can certainly give you an advantage. Can you think of any additional interviewing techniques that can help candidates land a position?

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