Answering the Top Ten Interview Questions

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When it comes time for job interview prep, you likely already have multiple copies of your resume and a professional outfit pressed and ready to wear, but have you considered what to say? Check out the top 10 interview questions, and find out how to respond to impress the hiring manager and beat out the competition.

1. "Why Do You Want to Work Here?"

Answer this common interview question by citing the hiring organization's mission and vision and explaining how these align with your own personal goals and values.

2. "What Is Your Greatest Strength?"

Forget the cliché responses when coming up with an answer to this question. Take a close look at the job description, and decide on a strong skill you have that directly meets the organization's needs.

3. "What Are Your Goals for the Next Five Years?"

Your response to this tricky interview question requires a delicate balance so you don't come off as too aggressive or unambitious. Tell the hiring manager you're looking for a challenge and the opportunity to expand your skills.

4. "What Can You Tell Us About Yourself?"

Prepare a brief 30-second elevator pitch as you respond to this common interview question. Talk about your unique skills and significant accomplishments, and relate them to the position to show how you can bring value to the hiring organization.

5. "What Is Your Greatest Weakness?"

Be honest in your approach to this typical interview question. Cite a weakness that doesn't directly interfere with the requirements of the position for which you're applying, and provide ways you're working to overcome this weakness.

6. "Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Position?"

Never respond with anything negative about your current employer, supervisor or co-workers. Instead, express that you're looking for a new challenge and the opportunity does not exist at your present place of employment.

7. "What Do You Know About This Company?"

Demonstrate to the hiring manager that you put time into researching the company by discussing its products and services, company culture and organizational structure.

8. "What Is Your Desired Salary?"

Do your research before the interview so you're well-prepared to answer this question. Look up the average salary for the position, and start your negotiations at the higher end of the range. Use your unique skills and experience as justification of why you deserve this amount.

9. "Why Should We Hire You?"

When faced with this interview question, acknowledge that you don't know what skills other candidates bring to the table. List your own skills that bring value to the organization and match the company's needs.

10. "Do You Have Any Questions?"

When you're given the opportunity to ask questions, take it. Ask thoughtful and insightful questions that show you're prepared for the interview. Ask about the success or failure of previous workers in this position, or inquire about the top goals of the position.

Get to know the top 10 interview questions, and practice your responses over and over prior to the big day. Almost as important as the words you speak is the way you deliver your message. Speak with confidence and passion so your enthusiasm for the position is evident.

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  • Betty S.
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    Very good guidelines for an interview. Thanks for sharing!

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    I will also read this again for an interview.

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    With open opportunity

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