Are You Asking These 6 Questions in Your Interview?

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While applicants often spend time preparing to answer interview questions for a job interview, it is also necessary to prepare questions to ask hiring managers. Inquiring about the ins and outs of the company's operations, culture and mission helps you determine if this position is the right opportunity for you. Consider asking these six questions to further impress potential employers and find out the information you need to know.

1. Why Do Your Employees Stay Here?

Asking this interview question during a job interview helps you uncover why employees enjoy working at the firm. A question like this may reveal more about the company's culture and values, which is crucial for candidates to know when determining if the company is a good fit.

2. Why Is This Position Available?

It's important to know why the previous employee left the job. Find out if the company offers opportunities for advancement or has created additional positions due to growth when asking this question during a job interview.

3. How Can I Be Successful in This Position?

Show that you are eager and willing to make a positive impact on the firm's overall operations by asking this question. Hiring managers are likely to reveal more about the job's duties and describe how the role contributes to the success of the company.

4. What Are Your Expectations Within the First Six Months?

Find out more about what you are expected to accomplish right away if hired. Determine whether or not the employer has clearly determined projects you may be working on or accounts that may be assigned to you within your first six months. A response to this question during the job interview may also give you more information about your potential workload.

5. Do You Have Any Concerns About My Qualifications and Experience?

Show that you are genuinely interested in improving your skills by inquiring about where you can improve. This type of question helps employers evaluate whether or not your qualifications measure up to the position and gives you a clear indicator of whether or not you will be considered seriously for the job.

6. When Do You Plan to Make a Decision?

It's important for you to know a timeline of when the employer plans to make a decision about hiring so you can adjust your job search accordingly. Avoid pushing too hard if you do not receive a clear answer during the job interview. Most employers should be able to give you a general timeline of when the company plans to add new personnel.

Rehearsing responses to questions in preparation for a job interview is still a common practice, but more employers expect job candidates to ask questions as well. Show that you have researched the company and prepared thoroughly for the interview by asking questions that indicate you are serious about the job opportunity.

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  • Elizabeth H.
    Elizabeth H.

    These were great reminders. I'm back in the job market after years of having a very steady job and the competition is fierce! So, I'll take all the tips I can get.

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