Are You Asking These Questions in Your Interviews?

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Most job candidates prepare for job interviews by rehearsing thoughtful answers to common interview questions. While this is important, it's just as important for candidates to prepare questions for the interviewer. Asking questions during interviews is essential, since the right questions can help candidates decide if working for the company is best for their career and life. Here are six inquiries you should make during each job interview.

1. "Please Describe Your Ideal Candidate"

It's important to know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. When responding to this inquiry, hiring managers often describe the most important qualities a worker must have to excel in the role, which can help you determine if you're a great fit.

2. "What Are the Day-to-Day Responsibilities of the Job?"

Before accepting a position, you need to know what you're getting into. At the very least, you should know what a typical day looks like for someone in this role. Will you be working at a desk all day? Will you work solo or as part of a team? Are you required to travel? What tasks do you need to complete each day? These are just a few questions that hiring managers should answer when you ask about day-to-day work responsibilities.

3. "What Are Your Expectations for Someone in this Role?"

Find out what the employer expects from workers within the first 30, 60 and 90 days. It's also essential for candidates to inquire about training and probationary periods when discussing this topic during a job interview.

4. "What Advancement Opportunities Does Your Company Offer?"

If you're a go-getter with big career goals, you probably don't want to waste time working for a company that doesn't offer opportunities for advancement. Find out as early as possible if the company offers training, educational and promotional opportunities.

5. "What Do You Enjoy Most About Working Here?"

Asking this question during a job interview allows you to learn a bit more about the hiring manager. Pay attention to his demeanor and body language as he responds to this question. Is he excited to discuss the company and the opportunities it provides, or does he seem unenthusiastic or apathetic? If the hiring manager excitedly rambles on and on about the company and its amazing benefits, that's a good sign.

6. "What Are the Next Steps in the Interview Process?"

The answer to this question lets hiring managers know you're eager to move forward. It also gives you an idea of when you can expect to hear back from the employer.

A job interview is essentially a conversation between you and your potential employer. The employer wants to determine if you're right for the job, and you must determine if the opportunity is right for you. Asking questions during a job interview also shows the hiring manager you're serious about the position, which helps you stand out from other candidates.

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