Are You Handling Job Rejections Wrong?

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It's not always the actual job rejection that really gets to someone. What can be even harder to take is when you pour all of your time and effort into a job application, and maybe even garner an interview, only to then hear absolutely nothing back. What can you do to address or make handling that kind of rejection a little easier? Here are a few tips to help keep you focused and positive.

1. Follow Up

It can take all the courage in the world to call a hiring manager after an interview, but go ahead and make the call. Even if they gave the job to someone else, you're showing that you can take initiative. If you sent a resume into what seems like a black hole, don't assume you're facing job rejection. Again, follow up to make sure your application was really received.

2. Don't Focus on Just One Job

If you pin your hopes on one particular position and it doesn't come through, you're setting yourself up for depression, which can then hinder your ability to put yourself out there for more jobs in the future. Always keep more than one iron in the fire to keep job rejection from hitting you too hard.

3. Don't Take It Personally

Now more than ever, job rejections are often the result of an algorithm applied to sort applications. About 40 percent of modern employers use technology to sort through the applications they get for every open position, and most acknowledge that qualified candidates slip through the cracks. Don't let yourself get upset if you don't get an interview or a job, and don't look for validation through the job search process, since that always leads to sending out a vibe of desperation.

4. Take Another Look at Your Resume

While everyone faces job rejection, if you don't seem to be getting any positive response at all, you may be sending messages you don't intend via your resume. Take a second look to make sure it's presenting your skills and qualifications in the best possible light, and tweak it a bit for every new job you apply for to maximize your use of keywords that make computer programs sit up and pay attention.

5. Stay Focused

Job searching is a process that takes a little work every day. Stick to a routine so that you can focus on your daily tasks and accomplishments without letting a single incident of job rejection get you down.

Handling rejection is always tough, but when you're feeling vulnerable because you're unemployed, it can seem overwhelming. Prepare yourself for the inevitability of job rejection by keeping a long-term focus and doing what you can to keep your job search constant and viable. These tips can help you deal with rejection, refocus, and turn things around so you can start working again.

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