Are you the wallflower by the water cooler or the star of your department?

Michele Warg
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Are you the wallflower by the water cooler or the star of your department? Find out if you’re fearlessly making the most of who you are at work. 1. You’re at a meeting and you have a great idea for how to increase sales. Do you: a) Keep your idea to yourself because people might think it’s stupid b) Wait for someone to come up with a similar idea and then add to it c) Share your idea proudly with the group 2. You just got hired at a new job and you’ve been invited to a company social event. What’s your social style at the event? a) Wait on the sidelines for someone to start talking to you b) Make conversation with the people who hired you and the folks you know in your department c) Go table-to-table introducing yourself to everyone 3. It’s review season. Do you: a) Trust your boss to know your best contributions and accept his or her review b) Bring a short list of contributions to your review for backup just in case your boss forgets something c) Send a high priority email to your boss prior to your review with a list of your contributions that you’ve been keeping track of all year 4. Your department didn’t perform as well as expected this quarter. Do you: a) Blame everything on your co-workers who are poor performers b) Accept personal responsibility and apologize profusely to your boss c) Acknowledge that mistakes were made and make suggestions for how to improve performance next quarter 5. What do you feel is your most important contribution to your company? a) You work long hours and never say no to overtime b) Your positive attitude boosts your team’s morale c) You are very creative and have a lot of great ideas that drive revenue 6. How important do you think you are to your company? a) Not very- I feel I am dispensable b) Somewhat- all of my coworkers seem to like me c) Very- I am talented, forward thinking and proud of what makes me different 7. Which statement describes your work wardrobe? a) I follow the dress code- I don’t want to have anyone question my style b) I follow the dress code, but add interesting accessories that express who I am c) I am a trendsetter-- I have a signature style that makes me positively stand out 8. How would you go about asking your boss for a promotion? a) Wait until your boss brings it up or your annual review b) Wait until after a big company success when everyone’s spirits will be high c) Bring it up with your boss as soon as you think you’ve earned it 9. You’re at a meeting where you feel strongly that your department’s strategy is not up to par, while everyone else thinks it’s right on target. How do you get others on your side? a) Give up. If no one else agrees with you, you must be wrong. b) Start by convincing the people in the meeting that seem to like you c) After the meeting, go to your boss, state your case and give solutions 10. Your department hires someone younger and more technically proficient than you to do a similar job. What’s your move? a) Assume your company has hired him or her to replace you and start looking for a new job b) Let the newbie focus on the technical details, so you have more time to devote to using your unique strengths in sales, marketing, etc. c) Ask your boss if you can mentor the new person- you’ll seem more important if you’re in a leadership position Mostly A: Spineless Jelly Fish You are hard working, but underappreciated because you don’t speak up for yourself. It’s ok to have an opinion or idea that differs from the norm and to share it. There is a way to let your voice be heard without alienating yourself. In fact, putting yourself out on the line could finally get you the recognition you deserve. For tips on how to be more fearless in the workplace, read The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How To Succeed When You’re The Only One Like You. Mostly B: Schooled Fish You are good at standing up for yourself and are well-liked by your coworkers, but you don’t stand out from the school of fish as much as you could. Push yourself to really think outside the fish bowl and you could have a much bigger impact. Bigger impact means more recognition, which could lead to a bigger bonus, a promotion, or a raise (or all 3 if you’re lucky!). To discover how to maximize your uniqueness for success in the workplace, read The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How To Succeed When You’re The Only One Like You. Mostly C: Holy Mackerel! You are one fearless fish! But be careful- remember you can swim your own way, but don’t forget it’s your company’s ocean. You want to ripple the waters, not create a crushing tidal wave. It’s all about balance. Make your confidence work for you without going over the top- learn how to be fearlessly balanced by reading The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How To Succeed When You’re The Only One Like You. ©2008 Robin Fisher Roffer For more information, please visit

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