Being Overconfident Could Cost You the Job

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Employers often seek candidates who are eager and confident. However, showing an overabundance of confidence in an aggressive manner during the job interview could be hindering your success. Find a balance between selling your skills confidently and showing a cooperative and cohesive nature by recognizing these signs that you may be approaching the interview too aggressively.

The Boastful Candidate

Know the difference between selling your skills and boasting too much about your accomplishments. For example, a candidate who spends the entire job interview bragging about how previous employers could not manage without him is exhibiting too much confidence. Provide concrete examples of how you impacted a prior company's productivity or profitability, but don't make claims that signal that you are taking credit for the entire team or company's accomplishments. Take a subtle approach when detailing your successes to impress the hiring manager without overpowering.

The Nonstop Talker

It is common for a job seeker to ramble a bit when nervous during a job interview. However, hiring managers often perceive applicants as too aggressive and desperate when they talk non stop. Take cues from the interviewer when it is time to wrap up a response to a question. Observe the body language of the hiring manager, and keep your responses brief and concise so that you do not portray overconfidence.

The Know-it-all Applicant

Recognize that you have a lot to learn when communicating during a job interview. Candidates who jump in and interrupt interviewers to show their vast knowledge of the industry or the positions often leave negative impressions. Potential employers may view know-it-all applicants as not willing to collaborate or work as team members. Stay humble versus taking an aggressive approach. Share your knowledge of the company or the industry when asked specifically about skills, but avoid taking over the job interview in an attempt to display everything you know all at once.

The Sales-oriented Job Seeker

Regardless of the type of position you are seeking, a hard sales tactic is rarely a solid approach when interviewing with a potential employer. Your role as a candidate is to fully explain why you are the best fit for the job, but avoid aggressive sales strategies that can potentially offend a hiring manager. For example, offer brief stories of how you served customers, collaborated with co-workers and trained personnel without making statements such as, "Clearly, you must hire me now because you won't find anyone else with my qualifications and experience."

Prepare for your next job interview by rehearsing confident answers that detail your pertinent qualifications. At the same time, recognize signs that you may be overselling, which ultimately could cost you the job or other fruitful opportunities in the long run.

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