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Developing your job interview skills is a direct way to improve your chances of getting hired for the position your want. Here is a list of 10 areas to focus on to improve your interviewing skills and get the job your deserve.

1. Researching the Company

Adequate preparation before the job interview helps you look capable when discussing your potential position. Find out as much as you can about the company in general and the department you hope to join.

2. Reviewing Your Resume

Look at the exact resume that you sent to the company to make sure you remember all your previous positions and education. While you are at it, take a look at your cover letter, too. It is likely that the interviewer will talk about the things on your resume, so it is important that you don't seem clueless about your own past.

3. Professional Clothing

Wear professional clothing to interviews for professional jobs. These should be the nicest clothes you would wear to that position. Do not default to business casual. Instead, pull out your suit and nice shoes, or a conservative jacket and tie. It is hard to overdress for most job interviews.

4. Politeness

Be polite to everyone in the vicinity of the interview. Word travels fast, and you do not want to be blacklisted because you were rude to a waitress at the cafe next door or cut off the CEO's car in the parking lot. Remember to smile and shake hands with the people you meet, and choose polite language.

5. Body Language

When at a job interview, lean in towards the interviewer to show your interest. Keep your arms open and your hands relaxed. Remember to make regular eye contact without staring rudely.

6. Positive Attitude

Take a few moments before the job interview to imagine getting the position and working at the job. Then, stride into the interview with a positive, confident attitude. During the interview, avoid making negative remarks about anything. No one wants to work with a negative person, so show your positive side in your words and actions.

7. Careful Listening

Listening is just as important as talking during a job interview. Focus on what the interviewers are saying so that you can appropriately add to the conversation and answer questions. This also helps you reduce your anxiety by keeping you from focusing too much on your own insecurities.

8. Standard Questions

At job interviews, you hear the same basic questions over and over. Make a list, and practice these questions until you are completely comfortable with your answers.

9. Asking Questions

Before the interview, prepare a list of questions to ask. Avoid questions that are easily answered with a web search. Instead, ask specific questions about the team you hope to work with and the company culture.

10. Expressing Thanks

Always send a thank-you email to anyone involved in the interview. Make it sincere, and include your contact details to encourage the company to follow up in a timely manner.

Prepare for job interviews by practicing these skills to increase your confidence and let your capabilities shine. Most importantly, remember to always be kind. Use the combination of an open smile, a positive attitude and kindness to boost your chances of getting hired.

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