Check the Company's Culture Before Accepting That Job Offer

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No matter how thoroughly you examine a company's website, a position's job description or an employer's LinkedIn profiles, you never truly get a sense of company culture until you spend time with the people who work there. That's when you figure out whether you're a perfect fit for the company or not. Check out these four ways to find a corporate climate that jibes with your personality.

1. Think of Yourself

Put yourself in the context of your professional goals and the company culture. Do you see yourself advancing in your career in a few years with promotions within this organization? Does the job description resonate with your passions, your professional mission in life or your life goals? Does your everyday life have room for this position?

Then ask yourself one final question: "Is this position worth it?" Take into account any sacrifices you may have to make, any changes to your routine and how much personal growth you may have to go through just to maintain the job. If you find the answer is no, then a particular company culture may not be in your best interests.

2. Communicate With the Company

Remain honest about your desires, goals and dreams when you answer interview questions. For instance, think about "Where do you see yourself in five years?" If you reply that you plan on moving to another firm in five years, then the company culture may not work for you. The same is true with the question, "What about our organization interests you?" You should already have a great answer to this because you really like the corporate climate here. If you stumble or you're not excited to answer this query, perhaps you should find another fit. The trick here is to be honest and don't tell your interviewers what they want to hear just to land a job.

3. Observe During the Interview

Attending an interview is your chance to observe the employer up close. Look at how everyone behaves when you arrive. Do people smile and seem happy, or is there a tense feeling in the atmosphere? Determine if the offices have open spaces or dozens of little cubicles where people hunker down and do their work. Make sure to ask your future boss about what it's like to work there.

4. Test the Waters

Finally, test the waters to see if everything feels comfortable. Do the benefits and compensation fit your lifestyle? Do you deserve more or less? Do you mind taking less money because you love the company so much? Ultimately, your instincts determine the final decision on the company culture that fits you when you receive an offer. You can always say no if anything doesn't feel right.

Even though you may want a position more than anything else, if the company culture doesn't feel right, simply move onto the next opportunity until you find a perfect fit. Someone can certainly use your talents in a highly competitive labor market, so shop around to discover your best possible situation.

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  • Nwabueze MERIFE
    Nwabueze MERIFE

    This is a great advice and strong opener to lots of possible regrets of the unknowns in most companies.

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