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Corporate team building events have been the rage for some time. The goal is to unite specific unit or division team members using motivational, teambuilding and leadership events. These teambuilding exercises are typically held away from the office and run the gamut from sedate to outrageous.

One popular teambuilding event, known as the “Firewalk," tasks team members to walk across a bed of red-hot coals. The practice goes back thousands of years as a powerful bonding experience, a rite of passage, and spiritual healing ritual. For teambuilding, completing the firewalk is a metaphor for confronting fear, doing the impossible and overcoming obstacles.

Another teambuilding event, often called Outdoor Adventure or TeamOutdoor, challenges team members to a number of specific physical obstacles. Chief among these is the popular "Fall of Trust," where small teams catch the backward fall of a blindfolded team member.

Still another team builder is the Comedy Improv event. Here small teams prepare for and take part in a number of improvisational games, exercises and challenges. The goal is to build new interpersonal connections, adopt new ways of thinking, and develop new skills and tools to become more effective as individuals and as a team.

I once attended a teambuilding event and I must admit, while I initially thought it was a bit silly, I did learn something about non-verbal communication.

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