Creating a Successful Inside Sales Team in Six Steps

Michele Warg
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Building a successful inside sales team can be done with a few strategic steps and a lot of optimism. As long as the company is willing to put forth the effort and remain excited at the possibilities ahead, they will create an innovative team striving to help the company grow.

The amount of effort that the inside sales team puts forth is dependent on the amount of effort the company puts into training them and helping them prosper as employees. By coming together and following a few steps, the company's sales team will grow together and help the company thrive. Everyone must be a willing participant, and the best results often come with optimism and encouragement.

Step One: Hire a great team. Conduct a thorough hiring process. Be sure that those hired have the qualifications the company needs. Do not rush the process. Hiring staff should be taken seriously and those hired should meet the expectations of the company. Pay attention to the person's mannerisms and professionalism.

Step Two: Lay out your sales process. When the sales team is presented with a plan and they fully understand the process, they are likely to be successful. Team members should be shown statistics, reports and other visuals to prove how much the company is progressing. Updating the staff will only increase sales productivity and morale.

Step Three: As a sales team, having phone scripts will help them with their sales productivity. Rehearse these scripts and demonstrate them in action. Teach the members how to respond to certain scenarios. Make sure that the scripts remain natural. In order to be a great sales member, each employee must be knowledgeable of the company and all that it encompasses.

Step Four: All phone calls should be recorded. In case of discrepancies, recording phone calls is a great way to go back to the date and time in which the phone call had taken place. Listening to the call might help the client and the company come to a resolution. Successful sales phone calls can also be showcased to encourage the employees.

Step Five: Teach the proper procedures. Teaching the procedures and facets of the company to the sales team is important. While they should know all products and services well, teaching them the proper procedures for work ethic in the office is equally crucial to the growth of the company. Without a thorough company plan, the team will fail.

Step Six: Encourage the inside sales team in a positive manner. If the team feels respected and appreciated, they will be willing to work hard and really put forth effort into increasing sales. If there is something to be addressed, do so in a professional manner. Have proof to show the team member where they could have done better and tell them what to do next time. When an employee exceeds the expectations of the company, let them know that it was noticed.

By hiring the right people and having a thorough plan in place, the sales team will be more likely to succeed. Create a friendly, professional environment and supply training programs and demographics. When the team is updated of their efforts, they will be inclined to strive for more.


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