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Creating an effective resume requires time, energy and research. However, a great resume is a must in order to ensure you come across as an organized professional who is both experienced and qualified for the job.

It's important to keep in mind that the average job posting receives more than 250 applicants, which is why many hiring managers scan a resume in less than 10 seconds before deciding what to do about a candidate. Although some companies use applicant tracking systems to rank potential hires, you still need to write an effective resume that makes an actual human being take notice. Impress potential employers with a resume that has a great style and the right type of content.

Show Quantitative Examples

Hiring managers need to know exactly what you did at previous jobs. An effective resume contains plenty of quantitative examples, provable accomplishments and plenty of statistics about how you took previous employers to a new level. Use specific details when crafting your resume. For example, replace "Managed a dedicated sales team" with "Led a team of 12 people who increased sales by 10 percent for eight straight quarters." Use action words, and be as precise as possible.

Tailor the Document

Make sure each resume you send out is tailored to the specific company at hand. Generic resumes do not stand out. Use keywords from the job description so applicant trackers and humans recognize that you understand the job requirements. Each job posting is different, so each resume you submit should have slight differences.

List the Right Jobs

You might be tempted to list every job you ever had on your resume, but a more effective resume-writing strategy is to either lists the jobs you've held within the past 15 years or jobs relevant to the position. This gives you more room to list your accomplishments and achievements.

Point Out Your Greatest Attributes

A future employer wants to know your best attributes. Mention a relevant job-related skill or a tough task you completed through hard work and dedication. List this information in the "Career Summary" section of your resume.

Use an Easy-To-Read Resume Format

An effective resume is logical, orderly and easy to scan. Use bullet points and clear formatting. Choose a font that's easy on the eyes, and make sure each section heading is clearly marked.

Create a Professional Document

Every aspect of your resume displays your level of professionalism. Make sure all of your skills, accomplishments and achievements directly relate to your work experience. Use professional-sounding sentences, and be sure to proofread and spell check your document multiple times before submission.

Your chance of landing an interview or job offer increases with better resume submissions. Remove useless information from your resume, and move to the head of the pack by using these key strategies that grab the attention of employers.

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