Does it Really Matter What Day of the Week You Submit Your Resume?

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Submitting your resume to an employer might seem like a straightforward task, but it's best to be strategic when submitting this document. You can increase the chances of your resume getting noticed by a hiring manager if you send your document on specific days. What are the ideal days to send resumes for the best results?

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Not all days of the week are the best for submitting your resume. A Monday morning might seem like an ideal time, but that's not necessarily the case. How many times have you dreaded returning to work on a Monday morning? No matter how much you love your job, it can take a little effort to re-direct your attention to work after an exciting or relaxing weekend. Like many working people, hiring managers might need to get back into the swing of things on a Monday morning.

Also, Monday mornings might be a bit hectic, and hiring managers might be scrambling to complete tasks from Friday or catch up on situations that occurred over the weekend. Also, their email inbox might be full of correspondence that requires immediate attention. A resume might get lost in the shuffle of mundane, work-related emails that the manager must sift through at the beginning of the week.

Avoid Mid-Week Routines

By Tuesday and Wednesday, people at the office are hitting their routines. Monday's prep day is over, and hiring managers get into a groove. Further, many people submit resumes on Tuesday and Wednesday because they feel that Mondays are generally too busy. Submitting your resume on Tuesday or Wednesday may have the same effect as sending it on a Monday, but for a different reason. Instead of your document getting lost in the shuffle of work-related messages, your resume may get lost in the sea of other resumes.

End of the Week Success

Experiment with submitting your resume on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. As the week wraps up, a recruiter or hiring manager might have more down time. Good recruiters and hiring managers keep an eye on their important emails over the weekend as well, so don't be afraid to send a resume on a Saturday. This strategy might also make you stand out, since many job seekers wouldn't think of submitting application materials on Saturday.

Take into Account the Time of Day

The time of day you send a resume could also offer an important advantage. Hiring managers and recruiters typically check their emails first thing in the morning, or just before and right after lunch. Emails that are sent in the late afternoon may get lost in the pile of early morning messages the next day.

Stand apart from the crowd by sending your resume on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, which is when people don't typically send resumes to managers. This strategy ensures the best results, and every advantage counts in a highly competitive labor market.

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    Thank you Nancy for your divine words

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    @David S thanks for your comment. You should NEVER pay for a job. So they want you to work from home but wait - first you have to buy this garbage information for $39.99 - all you will need to do the job. So you buy it and then what happens? You never hear anything back from them. So - NEVER pay for a job. @George B I kind of agree with the articles. It doesn't work this way today, but years ago, I would send my application on a Friday morning and by Friday afternoon, I would be at the company for an interview. Sometimes it pays to send your resume on an "off" day.

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