Eight Tips to Put the Snap Back in Your Job Search

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Even though the job market is picking up in many areas of the country, job seekers still find it’s not easy to stay positive when the job search goes on for months without an offer.  Healthcare was always considered “recession proof,” since people still get sick and need all types of services. 


So many factors play into landing a job in healthcare or any industry.  Some you can control, like your level of education, certifications or location.  Some you can’t control.  You can’t control your age, number of years of experience, or job history.  These things are fixed in time. 


It’s exhausting enough to keep up the job search.  Worrying about or focusing on things out of your control makes it even worse.  It’s not reality that is discouraging.  It’s refusing to accept reality and those things that are out of your control that increases frustration and discouragement.  Focusing on things that you can’t control gives a feeling of powerlessness.  You get stuck in the last rejection letter or the unfairness of getting beat out of a position by someone less qualified (or younger, or more attractive).


Healthcare professionals are supposed to be, well, healthy in body, mind and spirit. At least that’s what a prospective employer may think.  They look for great credentials and a positive, healthy attitude.  A recent Inc.com article, “8 Beliefs That Make You More Resilient,” gave some interesting tips on how to take the disappointments in life and turn them into positive learning experiences that build resilience and strength.


1.     Beware of success.  Landing the job may make you think the battle is over.  It’s just beginning.  Some people talk their way into jobs they aren’t qualified or suited for.  You have to prove yourself every day on the job to stay there and move up.


2.       Value failure.  You learn valuable lessons from failure; often more than you do from success.


3.     Watch what you say…to yourself.  Self-limiting phrases, like “I think,” or “I’ll try” are weak and give the impression even you don’t trust your abilities.  Use phrases like “I know” or “I will” instead.


4.     You’ve already failed if you don’t try.  You may be safe standing on the edge of the pool, but you won’t know if you can qualify for the race if you don’t dive into the water.  And if you don’t qualify, at least you were in the running.


5.     If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  We hear it from our parents growing up, and it’s still good advice.  If you don’t have anything productive or helpful to say, just stay silent.


6.     Just because others are unkind, doesn’t mean you’re not worth it.  How you treat yourself is a good indication of how others will treat you.  Be good to yourself.   You deserve it.


7.     It’s not all about you!  The things people do and say are more about themselves than they are about you.  People who take everything personally are doomed to be miserable.  People have bad days, unhappy lives or are just plain miserable themselves.  Don’t buy into their misery by giving yourself a role in their unhappiness. 


8.     Let it go.  There are real tragedies that deserve some strong emotions.  If you’re doing your job to the best of your ability or looking for work with an honest resume you’ve got nothing to worry about.


It’s easy to drop down in the dumps when things are tough.  Bills pile up, jobs slip away and opportunities go to others.  We all make mistakes.  It’s called life.  Read the news and you’ll find even the most successful high-achievers have fallen down at times.  Those that remain successful learn from the valleys and go on to scale another career peak.  And when they do, they have the wisdom gained while resting in the valleys. 


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  • Mary Nestor-Harper
    Mary Nestor-Harper
    Thanks for the comment, Sandra.  I always hope the articles will help someone with positive tips for a job search.  
  • sandra  l
    sandra  l
    I know that a lot of the items mentioned in the article above about the 8 beliefs that make you resilient, sure do make sense. I think it is good article and one that helps to be encouraging instead of discouraging. There are many truths in what was being shared.
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