Five New Careers in Two Years or Less

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Since the beginning of the recession in 2008, thousands of people have suffered through 99 weeks of unemployment and even more.  In the two years it took to run through unemployment compensation payments, many could have trained for a whole new career.  The bad thing is you can’t recover lost time, but you can start today to do some research or get started training for a new career.  There are lots of interesting jobs you could qualify for with just a year or two of education and training.  Check these out:


1.      Educator.   You can earn a Master’s degree in less than two years, either at a traditional college or university or online.  A Master’s degree in your field, in business administration or education can help land a job teaching at a community college, technical school, college or university.  Even better, if you hold a license in your field, like engineering or architecture, your license might substitute for a Master’s degree requirement and open doors to teach in your field.  Educators have flexible schedules and can take the summer off. 


2.      LPN – You can complete the requirements and earn a certificate as a Licensed Practical Nurse in two years from college or technical school.  The healthcare field is growing, and there are lots of opportunities in a variety of work settings.  LPNs must pass the state NCLEX-PN certification exam. 


3.      Paralegal – If you have experience as an office manager, research assistant, administrative assistant, human resources professional or any type of law enforcement, a new career as a paralegal may be for you.  You can gain the experience needed to move into a paralegal position if you’re already working for a law firm.  There are paralegal degree or certificate programs through colleges, universities and technical schools, both in on-site and on-line.  Though there are thousands to choose from, only a small number of programs are approved by the American Bar Association.  An ABA approved program could make a difference in opportunity and salary.


4.      Interior Designer – If you love to watch HGTV or DIY, have a natural eye for composition and decorating, consider a career in interior design.  A whole new field of home staging for real estate sales has opened up opportunities to provide a valuable service, helping people sell homes in a tight real estate market.  Whether remodeling, staging or designing new living spaces, interior designers benefit from certification or a degree from a college, technical school or specialized accredited course.  A two-year associate’s degree will help you qualify for a position with a design firm, or you can start your own interior design firm.


5.      Web Designer – Just about everyone has a website or blog, but not everyone is able to design and set up a customized website.  Far from just an online presence, websites offer just about as much as a brick-and-mortar business.  There are thousands of web hosting companies and types of site building software and systems.  If you’ve worked in computers, software development, or managed websites for a company, you may have enough on-the-job training you need to offer your services to private clients.  An associate’s degree or certification from a major software company will help open the door to a web developer/management position with a company. 


If you’re not having much success finding a job in your field, or just want a change, consider training for these or other new careers.  Before you know it, you’ll finish your courses and be ready for a new, exciting career.


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