Five Words to Use on an Engineering Resume

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Hiring managers in the engineering industry are often looking for skill and experience along with education when they bring on new engineers. Your engineering resume should clearly illustrate that you possess these assets. Modern hiring managers often use keyword tools that help them weed out the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of applicants for each job who may not have all the necessary qualifications and experience. Using these five words on your engineering resume can help demonstrate your talents to hiring managers whether they use modern or traditional methods of screening for candidates.

The words "developed" and "launched" are excellent choices for an engineering resume. These resume keywords fall into a category of words known as action verbs. Including them on your resume illustrates your experience and knowledge in the field. The use of the word developed shows that you understand what it takes to create new engineering concepts or projects. Using launched indicates that your work was implemented by previous employers—this attests to its usefulness and skilled design.

Skilled engineers should also consider "management" and "analysis" as solid resume keywords. These two terms encompass many of the duties required of engineers in top positions. Those who have experience in management-related duties and can show such on their resumes know how to lead others towards a specific and definable goal. They may have social interaction skills that give them an edge in the field. Analysis shows ongoing commitment to obtaining the best possible results. Whether the fields discussed are chemical analysis or analysis of engineering structures and principles, this keyword is likely to jump out at skilled recruiters looking at your engineering resume.

The fifth keyword that should appear on your engineering resume is "engineer." While it may seem obvious, hiring managers who use screening software often want to see that you have at least the basic knowledge gained through education or the skills developed by working as an engineer. Leaving this word out can prevent you from showing up in basic filters. Given that engineers often receive high-paying green jobs with both private and public organizations, hiring managers are likely to rely on filters and search tools due to the high volume of applications.

These five words can help keep your engineering resume from being filtered out alongside far less skilled or knowledgeable candidates. The keywords are likely to jump out at hiring managers who use traditional methods of reviewing resumes as well as those who rely on software to identify the best potential fit. Remember to include a brief explanation of your education as well as useful skills and certifications that you may have gained during your career on your engineering resume. Combined with these effective keywords, this can help ensure that you make it through to the full interview process.


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